Nowadays the bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep. It is an oasis of relaxation, a space for cuddly hours and recharging energy. Healthy sleep is important, because if you relax properly at night, you will live relaxed during the day. This ensures, both the right bed, as well as the pleasant ambience. Everything has to be right in the bedroom – the right bed, the right colors, the right baseboards. This results in the poetry of the forms and colors and in the end the total perfection. We have every detail under control and have put together practical tips and creative ideas for you so that you can set up a dreamlike bedroom and always enjoy a restful sleep.

Bedroom set up: The bed as a central part of the decor

A restless night, a sore neck – if that sounds familiar, you may not have picked the right bed. The mattress is first and foremost – too soft, too hard, that does not have to be. In a test, the experts of Stiftung Warentest came to the conclusion that the handmade mattresses made of natural materials offer the highest comfort. With the perfect mattress nothing stands in the way of a restful sleep. That’s why the mattress comes first when you set up your bedroom.

Color scheme: The color as the heart of the bedroom

Cool colors like purple and blue make the rooms look bigger and have a soothing aura, making them perfect as bedroom colors. The experts suggest that the cool blue can be combined with a warm tone, as a decoration or part of the furniture, such as headboard of the bed. With padded bed frames, this combination is quite possible. An

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