Sewing room set up: the sewing machine is the focus
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Sewing Room Setting up is actually quite easy and gives you the opportunity to let your talent and creativity run wild. The clear order of the necessary materials will make your work easier. Therefore, as already mentioned, we will tell you how to design the perfect sewing room. The center of the room should of course be the sewing machine. Of course, needles and threads also play an important role, but it is not possible without a sewing machine. If your machine is not one of the latest models integrated into a table, you should invest in a piece of furniture where you position the machine. The bigger and more stable the table, the easier it will be to work with larger and heavier fabrics.

Setup sewing room – helpful tips

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We recommend that you do not position the table with the sewing machine directly against the wall. When the machine is in the middle of the room, the fabric can fall freely behind the table instead of being jammed on it. In the immediate vicinity should also be a power outlet. Furthermore, the light is also of central importance. If your machine is placed next to a firmer, you can use the natural light. Nevertheless, we recommend you get a table lamp – for example, if you work in the evening or early in the morning. Your sitting position should also be chosen so that you do not cast shadows with your body.

Setup sewing room: cutting table is also necessary

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If you have more space, it would be useful to equip the room with a trimming table. This should not be very long, but sufficiently wide. This table can be used as an extension of the sewing table, or put on the wall so it takes less space. The location should be chosen so that the table does not disturb and allows free movement.

Setup sewing room: create a clear order

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If you like to sew, you know from experience that there are a number of utensils that should be kept somewhere. The sewing room gives you the opportunity to have everything in view and to find the right pair of scissors, yarn, etc. in a flash. First, think about what utensils you need most when sewing. These should be placed somewhere near the sewing table. Make sure the fabrics and yarn are protected from dust and sunlight. To create a clear system, you need lots of boxes, as well as shelves and cupboards with drawers. The spools sort by color – so you will quickly find the necessary nuance. Use boxes to store the smaller items so they do not just roll around.

Set up the sewing room: keep the fabrics properly

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And when it comes to storing fabrics, we recommend choosing a lockable cabinet. Because strong sunlight and dust are the biggest enemies of the beautiful tissues. The fabrics and scraps should fold and stack easily. So you can even stand in the closet or box for years. The fabrics can also be sorted according to the color and pattern – so everything will look even neater. The decorative rainbow effect you get is one of the advantages. The buttons, ribbons, needles, etc. sort in small transparent boxes. Finally, you should consider how to decorate your sewing room, so that it looks beautiful.

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