Recently, the bamboo screen has become increasingly popular. With a bamboo fence, you can not only separate the different areas in the garden or your own land from those in the neighborhood. This type of fence offers the possibility that you can significantly improve the look of your home by giving it a stylish look. In this article you will find information about all the benefits of the garden fence made of bamboo, which can serve as a suggestion to opt for this variant.

Much more than stylish garden decoration

A bamboo fence is much more than a stylish garden decoration, as it guarantees the perfect privacy of your privacy. The bamboo can actually reach a height of over 10 meters, which makes it ideal if you do not want a never-ending fence. You can find bamboo tubes in different sizes and diameters on the market, and you could easily choose the right model for your garden. The bamboo is also very preferred in the field of furniture manufacturing, because it has three useful properties – the material is very light, frost resistant and moisture resistant. This makes the bamboo fences a reasonably priced and really easy to maintain alternative to the traditional wood and metal fence. Such fences are suitable for all types of climate, as they resists both heat and cold.

Screen in the garden with bamboo fence

The bamboo constructions are considered stable and durable, especially those that are supported with stainless steel. The fence can either be made according to the customer’s dimensions or you can buy the prefabricated elements that can be found on the market. In this case, however, a professional advice is recommended, so you buy the parts best in a specialty store. The installation of the bamboo fence is not complicated and lasts no more than a day. If you want to build your fence yourself, you should pay a lot of attention – sawing the bamboo tubes can be really tedious, since bamboo is considered hardwood. The individual tubes can be connected together by using iron wire – so the drill is not necessary.

Necessary care

Like all natural materials used outdoors, the bamboo fence needs regular brushing. You can keep the natural color of the bamboo by using clear coat, or paint the fence in bright colors for a more interesting effect – this is definitely a matter of taste. Most importantly, when you buy, you do not choose products that have been treated by chemical means – such fences do not have a long life.

Bamboo fence is also environmentally friendly

The most important advantage of bamboo fences is that they are environmentally friendly compared to most other garden fences. For example, for a traditional wooden fence, trees are cut down that take decades to regenerate. The bamboo as grass, on the other hand, can grow again very quickly after cutting off its tubes. That’s why choosing a bamboo fence is an environmentally conscious solution – slowing down the deforestation of forests.

Attractive and exotic look

The bamboo is characterized by its attractive and exotic look, and a fence made of this material offers the opportunity to bring an Asian touch in your own garden. Over time, the bamboo gets an interesting silver nuance, which makes it especially beautiful. There are over 1060 species of bamboo to choose from and the fence construction can also be varied depending on your personal preferences. In places with warmer climates it is even possible to build a living, growing bamboo fence, which would certainly give your garden a unique atmosphere.

What else is to be considered

When it comes to bamboo fences, there is only one major drawback to keep in mind – bamboo is considered a highly flammable material. If the fence is in close proximity to open hearths, flying sparks is possible – so there is a serious fire hazard. This fact should be taken into account when determining the position of the bamboo fence in your garden.

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