We will readily admit that we succumb to the simplicity and subtle beauty of the Scandinavian style. Scandinavian living is probably one of the simplest styles in the interior, if you are looking for discipline, order and practicality. Here the quality is above the quantity and the modesty is intertwined with the elegance and the minimalism! We have already presented 50 fascinating home offices in Nordic goodness. Today is the turn of the Scandinavian living room, which takes its rightful place in the limelight.

Live Scandinavian – easy and comfortable

It is a testament to the taste and style brilliance of those who have taken them out of their humble roots and refined them, making aesthetics and ergonomics accessible to a wider audience. Today, the fascinating collection of the 50 Scandinavian living spaces will make you fall in love with the beautiful and efficient design – again and again!

Living room Scandinavian style!

Born from the harsh Scandinavian winters that demand efficiency and a sense of airiness to dispel any notion of darkness, this is a style that is perfect for the small living room. The color is kept to an absolute minimum when it comes to serving as a beautiful backdrop in the Scandinavian living room, and that, as a rule, is dressed in untouched white. The color reduces the visual fragmentation and visually enlarges the space. The use of limited and curated d├ęcor with smooth, straight lines also helps to create a well-organized living area that is both inviting and cheerful.

When it comes to a small living room, do not be shy about color, as you run the risk of turning the interior into an ordinary and boring room. The Scandinavian style allows you to add color in the form of simple accents, and you can even add one or two mirrors to further enhance the attractiveness of the tiny room. A plush rug, a cool side table, a stylish floor lamp and a comfortable couch would complete this elegant look, which is called “Scandinavian living”.

Live Scandinavian – white and gray – Nordic Style!

As already indicated, the white color has always had a dominating place in the Scandinavian living rooms. But in recent years, we have seen the surge of another neutral color that has quickly replaced white, and even found a way to coexist with it. Gray is definitely an ultra-neutral hue that simply refuses to die off as a hot trend. Now is the time to add a touch of gray to your living room with Nordic inspiration by adding a cozy couch in the color or even an accent wall in light smoke gray. As a rule, they are the lighter shades of gray that fit well in Scandinavian spaces, but you can choose a darker hue if you want to create a greater visual contrast.

Oasis in black and white

Gray-and-white backgrounds in gray tones fit well in a Scandinavian living room and it’s a look that seems to combine modern minimalism with urban elegance. But you have to be very sparing with black just to anchor the living area and highlight certain architectural features, as too much of the black color can quickly change the mood and / or the appeal of the interior.

Living room with colored accents

The Nordic look in the living room not only helps you cut out the excess decor, it also opens the door to a world of exciting and exquisite accents set by beautiful colors. Geometric expressions, stripes and abstract designs give the Scandinavian living room a sense of playfulness, excitement and individuality. Although the color accents in the living room are not absolutely necessary, but add more personality and style. Because style is everything!

Here are 50 examples of Scandinavian design!

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