The trend outfit from Europe’s high north is generally referred to as Scandinavian fashion. The fashion line largely represents the whole lifestyle of Scandinavia. The true and simple beauty takes a special place in this style of clothing. The trend is extravagant yet tasteful without excessive details on blouses or skirts. Would you like to get an insight into the fashion of the Nordic countries? Of course, the fascination of the Scandinavian fashion line is already in focus here.

Scandinavian fashion – an absolute cult

The Scandinavian clothing is characterized by elegant cuts, clean lines and fine knits. Very typical of this style is that the garments are puristic and robust, but always stylish. They are usually produced from natural materials and usually kept in classic colors. With their distinctly casual design and high functionality they characterize the Scandinavian flair for fashion. Natural, beautiful and warm, the Nordic clothing offers elegant lightness and comfort.

What is the style of the typical Scandinavian woman? The young ladies in Scandinavia are well dressed and often with flat sneakers – everything that is uncomplicated to wear. The Northerners try to dress as casually and decently as possible, but at the same time also fashionable and inspiring. To ensure a thrilling and extravagant look, the Scandinavians combine a simple and classic blouse with a skirt or jacket, which often has a print on the back or sleeves. The ladies in the far north particularly like the minimalist style and that’s why they are sporty, but still feminine dressed. The combination of diverse, durable and comfortable garments are predominantly in their wardrobe to meet.

Norwegian sweater with popular graphic patterns

The Scandinavian fashion enchants with feminine styles

The clothing style of the northern countries is not only recognized in Scandinavia, but also throughout Europe. As the Scandinavian design guideline is oriented towards Europe, America and Asia, the Scandinavian fashion designers and brands are becoming more and more popular and international. In addition to prestigious luxury and cult brands, the Scandinavian fashion companies offer some very hip fashion brands and trendy labels – such as the Danish label Ganni or the famous Swedish fashion brand Filipa Ka, whose fashion is representative of the whole of Northern Europe. You can find products from Marimekko and other fashion companies at Scandinavian lifestyle . In addition to clothing for men and women, the online shop in the range also has all the accessories that belong to it.

The typical Scandinavian wardrobe is certainly worth the investment. Hopefully you will find in the side of Scnadinavian lifestyle the best that suits your taste.

Sweater and leather pants – cozy fashion look

Elegant men’s outfit in classic colors

The fashion from Scandinavia inspires with minimalism

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