Samoa Tattoo represents one of the most intricate body art you’ll ever see. The meaning behind each tattoo is personal and in the end it should tell a story. If you have made this tattoo in the traditional or modern way, you should be proud to wear that.

A Samoa tattoo is always complicated

The Samoan tattoo or “tatau”, as traditionally known, is deeply tied to the culture of Samoa. This is seen as a sign of pride in their heritage and culture. Just having the chance to get tattooed is a very high honor for young Samoans. Often the young men have to find a family member who is worthy of being tattooed at the same time. In America, Samoan tattoos are often known as tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, authentic Samoan tattoos are not all that common because they are painful and complicated.

Getting a Samoa tattoo is a painful process

A Samoan tattoo is traditionally made with a tattoo comb. The American tattoos are usually done with tattoo weapons that pierce the ink with a needle in the skin. The Samoan tattoos are made by inserting a tattoo comb at the end of a stick and dipping the stick in the tattoo ink, then working with the comb on the skin by striking the stick with a mallet to get the ink in to force the skin. This is done over and over again, and instead of hearing the humming of a normal tattoo gun, you would notice the repeated tapping of two pieces of wood.

Suns are part of many Samoan tattoos

The Samoans use the same tribal symbols in tattooing as in some of their local art work. These symbols can be found throughout American culture. Many of the curved lines and sting designs on the current popular t-shirts originated from the Samoa tatau. You will also find these symbols in fabric patterns, as well as on wallpapers.

The Samoan tattoos have a Hawaiian, Maori and Aztec origin

Each Samoan tattoo has a different meaning. This is because all the symbols used in Samoan tattooing have different meanings. They have many tribal symbols such as spearheads, lizards, fish, the sea and the sun. The turtle shells are one of the most common symbols. Each symbol can have 4 or 5 different meanings. For the Polynesians, the turtle shell can mean fertility, peace, longevity, or well-being. This means that even though you have used the same symbols as someone else’s, they can not have exactly the same meaning. This practically ensures the uniqueness of their tattoo.

The easy way to get a Samoa tattoo

Many traditional tattoo shops in Hawaii and Florida have people trained in the ancient technique of Samoan tattooing. You would be able to give you exactly the same tattoo that you would get in your community and culture without all the hard work. They use the same tribal symbolism and methods.

Samoan Tattoo Aftercare

A traditional Samoan tattoo done with tattoo combs has to be massaged three times a day. Massaging the tattoo prevents infection and contamination, reducing the chance that tattoo pusher collections will be reduced. It is also a good idea to wash the tattoo daily. This is best done with salt water. The disinfecting properties of salt water to reduce pain and swelling are well known. In addition, keep your tattoo away from direct sunlight and keep it as cool as possible to reduce the likelihood of infection. Be careful not to soak the tattoo in too much water, which will slow the healing process. Note that every freshly tattooed skin is essentially an open wound. Make sure you treat it accordingly.

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