Besta, Karlstad, or Billy. Surely you have heard them and no, they are not names or anything. These are the furniture of popular furniture manufacturer IKEA and are an indispensable part of most apartments in Germany. The Ikea furniture fascinates with simple elegance, clear white color and minimalistic effect. The furniture manufacturer presents the most white objects, but that does not mean that there are many ways to spice up your home in a creative and colorful way. We show you the best ideas how to furnish a unique room with Ikea furniture! Our creativity knows no boundaries. Let yourself be inspired!

Set up or spice up your room?

If you browse Pinterest or Instagram, you may have read the phrase “Ikea furniture pimpen”. Is that correct? This is for those of you who do not want to re-furnish a room, but refresh a little. With a few DIY ideas and

Ikea is popular with many students of student apartments. Did you ask why? All Ikea furniture is made under the motto “more storage space for more fun”. The Swedish household furniture brand is perfect if you want to furnish small rooms or bring order and organization in the old closet. A very helpful tip you can still see on the picture above – a cabinet that uses the space from up to the ceiling! Ikea does not really offer such a huge cupboard or wardrobe. This is done with Bekv√§m step stool

  • Grundtal hanging boxes
  • Shoe Storage
  • stool
  • Algot order system
  • spice rack
  • Ikea folding table
  • Ikea sofa beds
  • Another important tip from us, if you want to set up and decorate small rooms – use Ikea room planner online! Particularly helpful is the 3D room planner or

    Inspiration from the Scandinavian style: set up with Ikea Scandinavian

    The trend towards Scandinavian living is still going on. Still, people are looking for the trendy white furniture and

    Ikea is a professional baby room and nursery decorator

    Even no big fans of Ikea are inspired by nursery ideas. Why this? Because the Ikea furniture for baby rooms not only look great, but offer many features. No wonder that the growing bed is the most popular piece of furniture! The cot could be used later as a cuddly couch in the nursery, or why not turn it into a desk? On the picture above you can see a stylish armchair, which shows that the baby room ideas from Ikea are not just for kids, but also for parents! And last but not least – the storage facilities everywhere – the cot, in the closet, on shelves.

    There is also a very good idea for youth rooms

    Need more inspiration to set up your Ikea room? Dive into our Ikea world to get more stunning ideas!

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