If you have a roof terrace in your own apartment, should think about their perfect facility. A rich selection of interior design ideas is available – from high-quality furniture, over lights, to beautiful decoration and attractive accessories. Because the roof terrace requires a completely different design than the balcony, you actually need a small furnishing concept for this reason, which focuses primarily on the fact that the terrace is divided into different areas of use (such as sunbathing, sitting and dining). The design is not limited to matching pieces of furniture and effective decoration. Questions about planting and privacy should not be underestimated. Should it be a luxurious sofa or rather reserved? Which colors should I choose? Is the outdoor shower a must or not? You probably ask yourself such questions when it comes to

Dreamlike resting place!


When it comes to terrace design, its division into different living areas plays a decisive role. For example, planters or outdoor screens are suitable for ideal room dividers. The screen does not only serve as a perfect decoration on the roof. It also helps to keep your privacy right. How about a cozy corner for sunbathing, or a place to sit together? To integrate a roof garden would also be a really great idea. Do not you mean it? In order to secure the best place on the roof, but you should think about the perfect sun and rain protection next to the screen. A parasol, awning and an awning on the terrace provide for your comfort, but could also be a real eye-catcher.

Accessories on the roof make the terrace look nicer!

Shadow dispensers enable a pleasant stay on the roof!


The design of the roof terrace fails without suitable flooring. Outdoor floors come in a variety of variants and designs. Which building material you choose depends mainly on your own preference, but also on the budget. You have a rich selection of variants for building materials available. The wood as a building material is characterized by its long life. No wonder that so many residents put on wooden floor on the roof! This robust material can be easily transformed into very different shapes. So you can easily lay wood as planks or as wood tiles. Concrete and artificial stone fascinate with their colors and designs, but also save a lot of money. Although the natural stone differs from the other building materials by its durability and longevity, but requires some skill and effort in the installation. If you want to get a piece of nature on the roof, you should definitely opt for the effective artificial turf. But do you find the classic green artificial turf too boring? The colorful artificial turf not only looks beautiful, but sets the roof in the right place. Convince yourself!

The matching floor covering lets the roof terrace radiate more coziness!

Flooring made of concrete!

Choosing the right furniture!

Furniture on roof terraces complete the whole appearance. Good to know when choosing the furniture: “The more weatherproof, the better!” Since the patio furniture is exposed to wind and weather, one should resort to high-quality and weatherproof furniture. Furniture made of polyrattan, metal, plastic or teak are the best solution. While outdoor metal furniture saves a lot of space, teak furniture impresses with its naturalness. Plastic furniture gives the terrace a modern look, but has a great advantage: they are very easy to clean. As with any terrace design here is the following rule: “roof terrace harmoniously set up”! This means that furniture with accessories harmonize properly, but also correspond to the furnishing style.

Tip: In order to protect wooden furniture against the damaging environmental influences, it is recommended that you paint it with a protective glaze. So they radiate shiny, but are also resistant to environmental influences.

Terrace furniture should be weatherproof!

The agony of choice: high quality furniture!

Tips for small roof terraces – Metal furniture saves a lot of space!

What are the advantages of metal furniture?

Create a roof garden!

If you want to design your own roof terrace individually and at the same time unique, you could create a practical or decorative roof garden. To create your own roof garden, you only need a little skill and of course the right plants. For flowers, herbs and even vegetables are particularly good, which you could easily plant in pots or in the raised bed. But pay attention to the load capacity and tightness of the roof, which are considered a prerequisite for such a garden. Therefore, use plants that thrive with little space or that do not damage the direct solar radiation.

But do not forget that the roof terrace needs the right care. This means: regularly seal the roof, and renovate the terrace!

Rooftop garden – extra luxury for the roof terrace!

Create a roof garden!

A beautifully designed roof terrace could be transformed into a truly delightful “living room”, only with the help of the right furniture and accessories. Are you looking for inspiring ideas for your roof terrace? Take a look at some great design ideas to make the roof original.

With a few tips and tricks, the roof terrace becomes a real paradise!

Poly rattan as building material for patio furniture!

Planting on the roof is a must!

Effective lighting!

Wood – the most popular building material!

Tips and rules for terrace design!

Choosing the right patio furniture!

Terrace furniture appears in a rich selection of variants!

Wooden furniture with attractive design!

Wooden table and chairs – classics that are trendy!

Luxury on the roof!

Classic green artificial turf!

Set up a small roof terrace – the right furniture!

Lights complete the whole appearance!

Apartment with a nice roof terrace!

Tips for small roof terraces!

Flooring made of concrete!

Decoration ideas for the roof terrace!

Tips for the apartment with roof terrace!

Metal furniture saves space!

Great design ideas for roof terraces!

Minimalist roof terrace

Modern roof terrace

The agony of choice!

The best solution against heat: sunscreen!

Terrace Design Ideas – Parasol and Privacy Screen!

Accessories beautify the ambience!

Decorating ideas for terrace design!

Plants bring a piece of nature on the roof!

Which is the perfect flooring?

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