Do you dream of a romantic garden like in a fairytale world? Then choose roses! The piercing roses fascinate with beautiful colors and shapes. Each rose impresses with its own beauty. The color palette of the flowers is so big, you can not count them. There are also countless types of roses. To help you find the best for your garden, we will help you with an overview of rose classes. If you look at our stunning picture gallery just once, you will immediately feel the romance.

Edelrosen – the most popular of the rose species

The Edelrose is actually the classic red rose. Everyone knows this rose scent. The roses have different colors, it’s not just red. The yellow edelrose are just as beautiful and will bring sunny mood in your garden. Large, well-filled, with elegantly shaped flowers and noticeable color, the rose is the most popular rose species. It is also perfect for cutting off the vase as a table decoration.

There is nothing more romantic than a rose arch with climbing roses

If you choose climbing roses for your garden, you will feel like a princess in a castle every day. This rose is perfect for a rose arch. The climbing roses reach a height of 3 meters. They are also a fascinating flowering facade greenery.

Shrub roses: The rose species impress with rose bushes

The shrub roses are our recommendation for the garden. They show attractive rosebush and bold colors. They grow broad-bushed and reach heights of 120 to 200 cm. You can enjoy the flowering until autumn. Shrub roses or bush roses are used as single shrubs or densely flowering rose hedges. You can make attractive pot rose or insert the terrace or the balcony.

The groundcover roses

The groundcover roses are a real eye-catcher for the garden. They look very beautiful and elegant in the terrain. They have long shoots and can cover really large area and bloom long until autumn. To make your garden look beautiful, take about four plants per square meter depending on the growth habit.


The beauty of the bed roses is in the big clumps. The flowers are in clusters together. Possible are all flower forms, from simple to heavily filled. This rose species can bloom long until autumn. Classically, this type of rose is divided into the polyantha and the Floribundarosen, which you both meet equally in a compact or broad-bushy growth. At heights, beet roses or bush rose roses reach between 40 and 80 cm. These roses can be found in different colors, but light pink is the most striking and fascinating. There is only one drawback – the bed roses do not smell or only weakly. But you can combine with bush roses and the rosary will bring you joy until autumn.

The dwarf roses – you can not count the flowers

The dwarf roses have innumerable flowers, like small Edelrosen. Put these roses in big pots and decorate the way to your garden. If you choose robust varieties, they also grow in bed. They are also perfect for pelvic planting. It is said that the dwarf roses – small plant, great joy. Its all around cute overall impression can hardly be resisted. Everything about this plant is small, not only the flowers, which are mostly in clusters, but also wood and foliage, which enhances the cute image.

Wild Roses: combining wild and romantic in your garden

Unique: painter roses – colorful roses by Delbard

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