Valentine’s Day is coming soon and over the years the roses and chocolates are becoming more of a cliché. It’s old-fashioned to send and give Valentine’s cards, the digital greeting cards are already in, especially when it comes to SMS, Facebook or WhatsApp message. You should also make up any original wishes, send your dear friends just some Valentine’s Day pictures and welcome for Valentine’s Day. And why not just add a picture with an original quote to your WhatsApp profile? In today’s days there are many variations and with us you will find a great variety of Valentine’s Day pictures that you will find the best for you and for the occasion!

Valentine’s Day pictures as a greeting via whatsapp

Sending a love quote via WhatsApp is no surprise in recent years, but a must. Everyone wants to send an original greeting and the most successful is with Valentine’s Day pictures. In this way, the love greetings are impressive and leave a lasting impression on your loved ones. Here we have collected for you the 5 best Valentine’s Day pictures, just with one click with the right mouse button you can download the desired picture and add it to your WhatsApp profile, send it via message or print it like Valentine’s Day Card:

Funny WhatsApp sayings for Valentine’s Day

Honey, you’re the charging cable for my phone!

I will always stick to you

I love you, like a fat kid his ice cream!

We fit together like LEGO parts!

“Marriage is an attempt to become at least half as happy with a couple as you have been alone.” (Oscar Wilde)

“Sometimes I could cry with happiness,
because you are going with me a piece of life.
Sometimes I could laugh because I just can not believe it,
that you are my wife and I am your husband. “

Still creative Valentine’s Day pictures with love sayings can be found in our gallery:

Our team wishes you a romantic Valentine’s Day, full of surprises!

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