Are you looking for a new tattoo motif that looks particularly elegant and discreet? Then “a roman numbers” tattoo may be the right choice for you! In this post you will learn all about these types of tattoos and their meaning. We also give you 23 great designs to draw inspiration from. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy reading!

Get a Roman numerals tattoo engraved – Meaning

Getting a Roman numerals tattoo is very popular today – such tattoos actually have many stars such as David Beckham, Rihanna, Beyonce and Miley Cyris. Roman numerals were the most commonly used in antiquity to remember the time and important dates. In this case, the letters used are certain letters from the Latin alphabet – the letter I, for example, stands for 1, the letter V- for 5, and X for 10. There are also a few important rules that one should know about Roman numerals in Converting Arabic – if I is V or X, it means one less. If X is before L (50) or C (100), it stands for ten less, and analogically – the letter C before D (500) or M (1000) means one hundred less. Above is a table that would help you better understand the Roman numerals.

Roman numbers tattoo – inspirational design ideas

As mentioned above, Roman numeral tattoos impress with a stylish and enigmatic look. They are just perfect if you want to perpetuate an important date – for example, the date of your wedding, your birthday or the birthday of a lover, an important event that you would never forget etc. The simple elegance of the Roman numerals you can also with others Combine tattoo motifs of your choice or with an inscription that betrays a bit more about the number. The Roman numerals Tattoo is suitable for various parts of the body, and is a good choice for both women and men – take a look at the photos to see for yourself!

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