The heart of every home is the kitchen – a space where you can cook with love, eat with love, talk with love, talk to favorite people. Above all, it depends on the look of the kitchen fronts, whether you feel comfortable in the kitchen or have no mood to stay a minute more there. But renewing the whole kitchen is by no means cheap and easy. In addition, one should also invest a lot of time and efforts in the renovation. The smartest and most cost-effective way to give the kitchen a new look is to renew the kitchen fronts. There are a few tricks that we give you today to give the old kitchen a new coat of paint simply and cheaply.

Renew kitchen fronts: Create a thorough change in the kitchen with kitchen fronts varnishing

For coated kitchen fronts you should pay attention to the type when choosing lacquer. You can not paint these fronts with a normal furniture lacquer, but look for special furniture lacquer types in the hardware store and before you make the final decision, seek professional advice. First of all, clean the surfaces of the fronts and unscrew all handles from the kitchen fronts. Then sand the surfaces using a piece of sandpaper and wipe the dust off the sand with water. After the fronts have dried well, first coat them with primer and then apply two coats of varnish. For wood fronts , the process looks a bit different: first grind coarse, then finely grind, wipe with water, let dry and then paint with varnish.

Exchange kitchen fronts: Order new fronts directly from the Internet

If you have no free time to renovate the kitchen fronts yourself, and no hands to craft, we have the perfect solution for you: Order new fronts with inclusive mounting from the Internet. In the Ikea catalog you can find a variety of cheap kitchen fronts and doors in different colors and patterns. When ordering, pay attention to the dimensions of the fronts, because Ikea offers only standard kitchen fronts. If your kitchen is built with individual design and dimensions, then this option is inappropriate.

Renovate kitchen fronts: New handles decorate the look

Renewing the kitchen fronts gives you the opportunity to completely replace the handles. Choose new handles so that the design and the color match and create a harmonious overall picture. At the hardware store you can find many variations of colors and models.

Thorough changes in the kitchen:

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