Cookies and Christmas: A love story

Plätzchen und Weihnachtsbäckerei: Eine Liebesgeschichte

Actually, before Christmas is traditionally Lent. But most people use Advent and above all the holidays themselves for snacking. As soon as it gets colder outside and the first snow falls, there is nothing more delicious than a warm punch or mulled wine as well as gingerbread, biscuits etc. In most German kitchens, the stove is regularly heated in November or at the latest in December. In addition to home-made gingerbread, for most of you and rogue, Vanillekipferl, cinnamon stars and decorated with sprinkles Christmas cookies are inseparable from the Christmas – just like the bearded Santa Claus or sparkling Christmas tree. The cookies also make themselves well Organization is the alpha and omega of a stress-free pre-Christmas season

Unfortunately, the smaller the children, the more stressful the Christmas bakery is often for the parents. As mentioned before, all over the house there is a lot of flour spread or the children complain of abdominal pain because they have eaten too much raw dough – so there is hardly anything left for the oven. And even those bakers and bakers who work alone in the kitchen often come under stress in the course of biscuit baking. How so? Because they take too little time, have the wrong or no resources, have chosen the most difficult varieties or have otherwise planned “wrong” ones. The right organization is indispensable anyway, so that you do not get stressed during the Advent between job, gift purchases, tree decorating, baking & co . So how do you master the Christmas bakery quite relaxed this year, both alone and with your offspring?

Tips for the stress-free Christmas baking

First, there are some basics that you should consider before baking, so that the Christmas bakery can then run smoothly. No matter whether you want to conjure up delicious cookies with friends, children, your spouse or yourself, you should follow these tips:
Choosing the Right Varieties: The wide variety of Christmas cookies includes both simple and difficult recipes. So, if you’re not a pro at the oven and find it difficult to estimate how much time you need to bake, you’ll want to go back to simpler varieties. So you can slowly approach the more difficult recipes and do not stand there empty handed at Christmas, when the challenging treats finally did not work out. In addition, you should check which cookies have to stand for a while and “pull through” before they taste really good. Of course you should also bake these first so that they unfold their full aroma in time for Christmas. One such example is rum balls or rascals. So, before starting the Christmas bakery, make a plan of when to bake which type.
One sort per person and appointment: But do not overburden yourself with this plan. Make only one sort per appointment, for example, each “back afternoon”. If you are one of several in the kitchen, you can also divide the cookie varieties – but please no more than one sort per person. It also makes sense to choose cookies with similar ingredients. This reduces your shopping and the risk of leftovers that end up in the garbage.
Get suitable aids: Technology is known to make life easier – and this also applies to the Christmas bakery. A professional food processor can do a lot of work for you, but not everyone can or wants to afford it. Alternatively, you can also use a kneading machine. So you can work on the ornament while the machine brings the dough into its perfect shape. Such kneading machines from KitchenAid are already available from about 250 euros .
Allow plenty of time: The nuts and bolts of stress-free baking is never to start under time pressure. In the end, it often takes much longer than specified in the recipe. If you have an appointment afterwards, the Christmas bakery is only half as much fun – and probably the results taste only half as good.

Stress-free baking with children? Yes, that is possible!

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