After a visit to the gym or Refreshing drink with cherry juice against sore muscles
Erfrischungsgetränk Kirschsaft Orange
Erfrischungsgetränk Kirschsaft
Erfrischungsgetränk Bananensaft Kirschsaft
Erfrischungsgetränk Orangensaft
After a long workout, you often have sore muscles and here we present you an enchanting soft drink that works against it. You need:
– 250 ml of orange juice
– 100 ml of peach juice
– 1 orange
– 250 ml banana juice
– 100 ml semi-fat cream
– 100 ml of cherry juice
Responsible for the positive effect is actually the cherry juice, which is rich in antioxidants that regulate the acidity of the body. The preparation is super light and fast: you should mix only the juices together with the cream. Serve in cocktail glasses, decorated with a slice of orange. If you like, you can whip up some cream, put it in the glass and sprinkle with finely chopped pistachios.

Refreshing drink with pineapple and carrot, which promotes fat burning

Erfrischungsgetränk mit Ananas
Erfrischungsgetränk Karotte Limette
Erfrischungsgetränk Ananas Karotte
Erfrischungsgetränk Ananas Karotte Ingwer
Erfrischungsgetränk Smoothie mit Karotte
Our next idea is for a soft drink that also promotes fat burning. Simply perfect for those who want to lose a few pounds, right? You need the following:
– 100g fresh pineapple
– 1 carrot
– 100 ml carrot juice
– 1 small piece of fresh ginger
– 1 tsp honey
First, you should peel the ginger and mince it. Next, cut the carrot small and the pineapple – sliced ​​(set one aside as a decoration). Then put everything with the carrot juice in the blender and puree. Put the finished smoothie in a tall glass, taste with a teaspoon of honey and decorate with fresh slices of pineapple.

High-protein refreshment drink for muscle growth

Erfrischungsgetränk Milchshake Heidelbeeren Minze

Erfrischungsgetränk Milchshake mit Beeren
Erfrischungsgetränk Milchshake Beeren Rezept
Erfrischungsgetränk Heidelbeeren Milchshake
Erfrischungsgetränk Milchskake Himbeeren Heidelbeeren
Next, we’ll introduce you to a shake that’s not just a great refreshing drink – it also helps build muscle. For this you need the following:
– 80g raspberries (fresh or frozen)
– the juice of a lime
– 80g blueberries (fresh or frozen)
– 400 ml of low-fat milk
– 1 pinch of cinnamon
– 2 tablespoons honey
First, you should rinse the berries thoroughly or thaw them – when they are frozen. Then mix the fruits with the me, lime juice, cinnamon and honey and puree everything. Fill in glasses and decorate as desired with fresh mint leaves. Besides being really tasty, the shake is also rich in high quality proteins, calcium and electrolytes.

Refreshing banana and grapefruit smoothie for body regeneration

Erfrischungsgetränk Grapefruit Minze
Erfrischungsgetränk Grapefruit nach Sport
Erfrischungsgetränk Grapefruit
Erfrischungsgetränk Smoothie mit Grapefruit
Erfrischungsgetränk Servierungsvorschlag Grapefruit
In any case, one of the best soft drinks in winter is the banana and grapefruit smoothie, which also helps to regenerate the body after exercise. You need:
– 1 banana
– 1 grapefruit
– 0.5 cup of yogurt
– 1/4 tsp turmeric
– 1 dash of lemon juice
– a little vanilla powder
– 1 teaspoon honey for sweetening
The first step is to peel the banana, cut it down and squeeze out the grapefruit. Then mix all the ingredients together and puree. Fill the drink in tall glasses. The smoothie is ready to enjoy!

Make iced tea with lemon grass yourself

Erfrischungsgetränk Eistee
Erfrischungsgetränk Eistee Zitronengras DIY
Erfrischungsgetränk Eistee Rezept
Erfrischungsgetränk Eistee servieren Limmet
Erfrischungsgetränk Eistee Zitronengras Limette
Erfrischungsgetränk Zitronengras Tee
One of the classic thirst-quenchers – both in the hot days and after sports – is the iced tea. That’s why we offer you a wonderful recipe for lemon grass iced tea. You need the following ingredients:
– 6 bars of lemongrass
– 1 cucumber
– 400 ml of rhubarb juice
– 6 stalks tarragon
– 400g Crushed ice cream
Remove the outer layer of lemongrass, press with the back of a knife, and place the inside in a pot. Add 600 ml of water and let it boil and cool. Put 2 stalks of tarragon in the lukewarm tea. Next, dice the cucumber small. Remove the tarragon stems and pass the tea through a sieve. Put the ice, the cucumber cubes and the remaining tarragon stalks, as well as the rhubarb juice in a carafe. Add the tea and serve immediately.

Other suggestions for refreshing drinks

Erfrischungsgetränk Ayran
Erfrischungsgetränk Ayran Rezept
Erfrischungsgetränk nach Sport Rezeptideen
Erfrischungsgetränk mit viel Eis und Minze
Erfrischungsgetränk für die heißen Sommertage
Erfrischungsgetränk Fruchtsaft
Erfrischungsgetränk Gemüsesaft
Erfrischungsgetränk selbstgemachte Limonade
Erfrischungsgetränk Orangeade
In fact, every drink can be refreshing when served cold. A good choice after sports or in the heat are freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, ayran, homemade lemonade or simply water with mint, lemon and ice.


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