Wealth is like salt – it spice up the food. Surely you have not even heard this saying. And speaking of salt, it is all spices – the dish of passionate food. Immerse yourself in the natural, colorful world of spices that seduce your senses and rediscover the different flavors from around the world! We tell you the secret from the kitchen – which spice suits which dish, so that you can transform the everyday kitchen into real enjoyment! Let yourself be inspired!

Without spices, no delicious dish can succeed: talents in the kitchen and for the health

Sweet or spicy, fresh or tart – the spices are all-rounder in the kitchen. The right spice in the right tin can turn any dish into a culinary wonder. The spices not only improve the taste, but have a medicinal effect and find application in natural cosmetics. Many people have only one kind of pepper, paprika and perhaps a little basil in their spice rack. But have you ever considered that you can discover a foreign culture only with a dish? Natural and fresh aromas, a wide range of spices, as well as professional advice can be found at vom-achterhof.de . You’ll also learn which spice blends are delicious and how you can add versatility to your meal. It is no longer necessary to be a professional chef to season properly. We are your guide in the kitchen and help you to give the meal that certain something. Here are our best tips and all spices in the overview:

Which spice to which dish?

Turmeric – breathtakingly colored in yellow, gives the spice a nice fresh color of desserts, sauces, puddings and rice dishes. If you want to enjoy the Asian cuisine, use turmeric to prepare yellow rice, fish stew and curry coconut pans. With this spice, you will also give the simple cooked rice special flavors and exotic touch.

Nutmeg – These are the seeds of the nutmeg tree. They go very well with soups, stews, meat and potatoes. Mashed potatoes have never tasted so good! Our tip is to always use nutmeg fresh. Only then will you enjoy its aroma.

Saffron – Saffron is the name not only of aroma and color, but of luxury. Only with saffron can you prepare a real paella. As a spice, saffron also goes well with meat dishes.

Cardamom – This spice smells like Christmas! Popular for baking and even tastier with tea. If you want to give your food an oriental touch, then use cardamom to cook delicious rice dishes.

Ginger – Maybe the only spice that tastes sweet and spicy at the same time. In summer it is very good for lemonade preparation, in winter – for hot tea, as well as delicious cookies for Christmas. Salmon and trout taste particularly good with ginger powder.

Basil – The spice of summer! Basil belongs to the Mediterranean cuisine. Everyone knows the famous caprese salad and the delicious pesto. We also recommend basil to eggs and pasta dishes to try.

A broader overview of spices and possible spice mixtures can be found at Vom-Achterhof.

Salt is not just this from the supermarket and can offer much more – Discover the salt from nature to exotic finishes

Are you a tea connoisseur? Then give yourself a treat with tea from nature! Replace the finished tea bags with natural herbs

Be creative and try spices from around the world! To discover a foreign country in a culinary way and get to know its culture. Salt and pepper will taste like never before. We promise you that it is guaranteed to be worth it!

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