rote Brautkleider Vera Wang prachtvoller Rock
rote Brautkleider schulterfrei geradlinig Gürtel
rote Brautkleider Verzierungen rot Blumen
rote Brautkleider schwarze Verzierungen Oberteil
rote Brautkleider Knallrot Vera Wang
rote Brautkleider figurbetonend Spitze Weinrot
rote Brautkleider rote Verzierungen Blumen
rote Brautkleider Modell in Hellrot schwarze Verzierungen
From a historical perspective, red wedding dresses are actually nothing new. Even in Roman antiquity, red was the traditional color of the bride. The women wore a flame-red bridal veil called the “Flammeum”, which stood for love and wealth, which should accompany the new wedding couple in their common life. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the red color was also very popular until the English Queen Victoria married in 1840 in a white dress and so turned white into the usual color for wedding gowns. Today, red is experiencing a real comeback in bridal fashion, and famous designers such as Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta present gorgeous red bridal gowns in their collections. From dark wine red and bright red to playful red ornage – the color of love is “in” again at weddings!

Red wedding dresses look really eye-catching and original!

rote Brautkleider mit Strasssteine verziert
rote Brautkleider rückenfrei eindrucksvolle Verzierungen
rote Brautkleider Meerjungfrau mit Gürtel
rote Brautkleider schulterfreies Modell mit Schlitz
rote Brautkleider geradliniges Modell romantischer Look
rote Brautkleider Trend Brautmode Schaufenster
rote Brautkleider figurbetonend Oberteil goldfarbige Verzierungen
rote Brautkleider Oberteil reichlich dekoriert
rote Brautkleider prachtvolles Modell slberne Verzierungen
rote Brautkleider Oberteil bestrickt breiter Rock
rote Brautkleider Farbe Bordeaux Oberteil bestrickt
rote Brautkleider dunkelrot mit Bolero
More and more women today opt for wedding dresses in eye-catching colors like red, because they look much more interesting and eye-catching. In addition, the white color is associated with certain symbolism, which is a bit dated today, namely – it represents innocence, purity and virginity. This makes white wedding dresses for mature ladies or those who do not marry for the first time rather unsuitable. In such cases, a red wedding dress can look fresher and more original – just look at our photos to see for yourself! Red bridal gowns are also inspirational for many stars – model Chrissy Teigen, for example, wore a gorgeous red wedding dress by Vera Wang when she married singer John Legend in 2013.

Red bridal gowns in foreign cultures

rote Brautkleider schulterfrei wirklich stilvoll
rote Brautkleider herrliches Modell in Knallrot
rote Brautkleider breiter Rock Oberteil bestrickt sehr elegant
rote Brautkleider weißes Kleid mit roten Akzenten
rote Brautkleider Dunkelrot Spitze romantisch
rote Brautkleider prachtvolle Dekorationen in Golden
rote Brautkleider weiße Blumen japanischer Stil
But red bridal gowns are also a tradition in many foreign cultures and usually stand for new life and fertility. In India, for example, the main god Brahma is depicted in a robe in red and golden. Red is also the color of the goddess of prosperity, love and happiness Lakshmi and is traditionally associated with joy, life, creativity and energy. The Aztec bride wore red feathers on her hands and legs during the wedding ceremony. In China, red stands for the miracle of blood ties – marriage. There, the bridal couple traditionally drink from two glasses, which are tied together with a red string. The red color is still part of the wedding traditions in many countries such as Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Pakistan and Turkey.

Red Wedding Dresses: Who are they?

rote Brautkleider elegantes Modell in Purpurrot
rote Brautkleider Knallrot prachtvoller Rock breit
rote Brautkleider bestrickter Oberteil rot
rote Brautkleider Hochzeit John Legend
rote Brautkleider Knallrot Rock asymmetrisch
rote Brautkleider Meerjungfrau figurbetonend
rote Brautkleider Coursage weißer Rock
rote Brautkleider geradlinig super elegant
rote Brautkleider breiter Rock hochgesteckte Haare
rote Brautkleider DElo weiß
rote Brautkleider Rock prachtvoll
If you like red bridal gowns and you would also like to opt for such a model, you should know whether the garment will suit you well. The color fits especially the dark-haired ladies with no too light skin type. For blondes, there are also fitting nuances – the reds are actually more than 26! It is important that the shade matches your skin and eye color, but also matches your personality. If you find the right shade of red, it will definitely make you shine! In principle, darker and muted nuances are just perfect for blond haired ladies, while brunettes can also take on the more powerful red tones. Particularly popular in the breeding fashion are the nuances of wine red, ruby ​​red, purple, bordeaux, cherry red, fuchsia (pink), coral red, brick red, orange red, as well as the warm nuances with a golden undertone such as copper and rust red. The wedding dress can be completely red or an interesting combination between red and white, golden or silver – depending on your desires!

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