With seas, lakes and rivers taking up much of the Earth’s surface, it was only a matter of time before the structures typical of the land begin to make their way to the water. Already in the early 1900s – and probably earlier, the concept of a house on the water began to take shape. This happened mostly in water-friendly cities like Amsterdam, Netherlands and Portland, Oregon. Over the years, countries such as Zimbabwe, India and Laos have used houseboats to entertain tourists, to travel from city to city or just to enjoy some time away from the city.

Houseboats on the Eilbekkanal, architects Amelie Rost and Joerg Niderehe, Hamburg, Germany

While there is still a community for this traditional houseboat, the market for lavish floating houses is at a historic high. This new crop of luxurious, modern and sometimes outrageous floating houses has brought the real estate world by storm, and we’ve found 10 of our absolute favorites from around the world. Since most of these designs come from the minds of the most brilliant architects in the world, the following homes are truly incredible works of art and stunning constructions.

The Fennell’s Residence – Portland, Oregon

At first glance it is clear why the famous architect Robert Harvey Oshatz has linked his unique design to this wonderful houseboat. Sitting on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, is a pure pleasure. The Fennell’s residence offers a warm, cozy atmosphere through the skilful use of laminated timber beams. The living and dining rooms face the river and feature expansive glass windows that have the ability to perfectly capture a beautiful sunset. The Proud Master Bedroom is located above the living room and has a view of the Willamette River. Oshatz played perfectly with this spatial differentiation of the houseboat. He has given him an incredibly impressive curved shape that makes a daily miracle out of the houseboat, regardless of the time of day.

The Floatwing – Coimbra, Portugal

This beauty, known as the Floatwing, was created by a group that was originally affiliated with the University of Coimbra. The group still consists of the same marine architects, engineers and industrial designers as before. The team specializes in the very specific niche market of personal submarines and prefabricated floating houses and designs made-to-order houseboats that vary in length from 33 to 59 meters. While some of the Deluxe Floatwing packages include a solar powered engine, normal homes are also built to be self-sufficient for at least a week. A personal Bat Sub is sold separately.

Dreamcatcher – Hamburg, Germany

Although it is rather a glorified barge because of its immobility, this beautiful house comes from the brilliant minds of the Hamburg Rost Niderehe architecture office. The rust Niderehe put his signature and many modern accents in every corner of this houseboat. It has a beautiful wood siding, an open back deck and private bedrooms and bathrooms. Built in 2011, this home for the architecture firm won a few chunk of construction awards and recognition for its glorious style and elegant exterior cladding. This beauty lies in the Eilbek Canal in Hamburg, Germany and will probably not get a new address so fast as it requires the help of a tug to be handled.

Port-X – Prague, Czech Republic

This unique houseboat comes with the courtesy of the ambitious Port X project. The “C” -shaped design helps to create the floor, the roof and the back wall of the structure, and a glass fa├žade surrounds the building with an unobstructed view of the Vltava River. The sleek, modern design also serves as a wonderful contrast to the surrounding rotunda and Romanesque architecture of the city, while the intuitive design allows easy installation, deconstruction and relocation. You can even haul the amphibious house down the river or rent for $ 235 per night or as a single occupancy of $ 193 alongside three other guests.

Heritage houseboats

STERN houseboats at their berth

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