The tattoos most likely tell stories, as do the jet-black and intelligent ravens in a raven tattoo. Through his long life, the raven is perceived as a symbol of wisdom and loneliness. Hardly any animal evokes feelings as mixed as the raven in man. Thus, raven tattoo is very obese.

Meaning and interpretation of raven tattoos

The raven appears in many myths, fairy tales and religions and has its meaning for humans. In the Christian religion, the raven is an evil devilish bird, but on the contrary, the raven is a symbol of power and tenacity for the ancient Chinese. In Iceland, the raven is considered the messenger of death. A Chinese legend tells of a sacred raven that lives on the sun and thus the raven is connected to the sun. So you can often find the sun on a raven tattoo. In Africa, the raven is a symbol of unity and in Japan’s family love. The raven is very common in Norse mythology and is a popular tattoo motif. The Raven plays the main role in Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale “The Seven Ravens”. In the mythology of the Indians, the raven hung the sun and the stars on the sky. The raven is also a totem animal and is considered the creator of the world. It was believed that ravens and wolves were companions of the gods of the underworld. Therefore, a raven tattoo can also be interpreted as a symbol of sadness and pain of loss.

According to legend, the raven collects the lost parts of the soul or represents the soul of the dead, the recurrence. The raven on a raven tattoo is chosen as a symbol of rebirth, revival and healing.

Viking tattoo, inspired by Norse mythology

An important figure of the Teutonic gods and the Norse mythology is the godfather Odin. He distinguished himself by his wisdom and his thirst for knowledge. Two ravens sit on his shoulders and tell him about everything they have learned on their flights. The two ravens Huginn and Muninn are his two daughters and their names translate as “thought” and “remembrance”. That’s why the most important god of the Vikings is also called Rabengott and depicted on many Viking tattoo. Out of love for wisdom, Odin has sacrificed one of his eyes: he went to the guardian of a primeval source of wisdom and asked for a sip of the well whose magical water gives knowledge and knowledge. He provided one of his eyes as a gift for the Erlangen. As a result, Odin is called “the one-eyed” and presented as such. Odin’s companions include two wolves – Geri i Freki, whose names translate to “greedy” and “voracious”. They accompany Odin on the hunt and are often depicted on both sides.

Viking tattoo, depiction of the one-eyed Odin

Raven Tattoo – The Watchful Eye on the World

The raven is a smart animal with a contradictory personality. He is always on the move and has a watchful eye for the world. His jet-black color and deep eyes let us associate him with the devil, dead and evil.

Raven Tattoo, inspired by ancient Chinese mythology

The godfather and one of the ravens of Odin

Fire Raven Tattoo

Raven tattoo with Viking motifs

Besides Odin, Thor is the most famous of the Asians. In the fight against the Giants and the Midgard Serpents he uses a magic hammer Mjölnir. He fights the monster and kicks the Midgard Serpent twice. The first time on a “fishing trip” and the second time during the battle of the gods, the result is the end of the world. He defeats the serpent both times, but eventually he dies of her poison. As a sign of victory appears on Viking tattoos and the Thorshammer very often.

One-eyed Odin and his two ravens Huginn and Muninn

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