Now imagine a pleasant evening with friends – the products are already on the table, where you talk to friends about interesting topics, everyone participates in the preparation of this dish, which tastes him the best and everything on the table! Sounds unrealistic? But that’s exactly the situation at a raclette party. There are three things you need to know to organize a raclette grill party: you do not have to be a good chef to make sure everyone is well looked after and has enough time to communicate with each other, which should be the goal ! In this article, we introduce you to the mystery Raclette Grill and give you numerous raclette ideas, with which you and your guests can enjoy a culinary delight!

What do we need for a raclette party?

Raclette Ideen für einen angenehmen Grill Abend mit Freunden

First, you need a raclette grill. There are several types – rounder, square, etc. According to our research, we recommend one that is equipped with a granite hob, 8 wooden spatulas and non-stick raclette bowls. The preparation for a raclette party essentially consists of shopping. The most common ingredients for a raclette party are various cheeses, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, zucchini, bread, pickled cucumbers, charcuterie, bacon and much more that you can come up with. Nothing you can not find in a normal supermarket. You can also prepare your own sauces if you want. Another plus of raclette is that all leftovers (cooked or uncooked) can be used for a different meal.

Tasty raclette ideas and recipes for an unforgettable Christmas party

Raclette Ideen - welche Raclette Ideen können Sie auf den Grill

The most important ingredient of a raclette party – the cheese

Raclette Ideen für Käse Arten - Raclette Beilagen für den Grill
One of the most important aspects of a raclette party is of course the cheese. You can find raclette cheese in almost every grocery store. It is a combination of taste and texture of Gruyère, Swiss cheese and Mozzarella, all wrapped in one. It is ridiculously creamy and has a nice strong cheese flavor at the beginning and at the end of the consumption. You have to get enough of this kind. More is always better and the mix is ​​the secret!
Raclette Ideen Zutaten - Welche Käse Arten sind die beste für Raclette

Raclette Ideas for a successful party: The selection of vegetables is important

Raclette Ideen Raclette Zutatenliste für einen Grillabend
Even if you do not like grilled meat, you could at least start a vegetarian meal with ease. If you like both egg whites and vegetables then you will really be spoiled!

A party without dessert is not a party!

Raclette Ideen und Rezepte für eine Nachspeise
Just as you melt the raclette cheese, you can also make chocolate that mixes well with fresh strawberries. Another creative idea is to prepare pancakes and garnish them again with chocolate and strawberries.

Remember, the secret of a successful raclette party is to make things easy. Enjoy the food and have the best time!

Raclette Beilagen Ideen - Raclette Ideen für Party Abend
Raclette Ideen für einen Grillabend - Raclette Zutatenliste
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Raclette Ideen Raclette Zutatenliste für einen Grillabend
Raclette Ideen Raclette Zutatenliste für einen Grillabend
Raclett Abendessen vorbereiten - Welche Raclette Zutaten sind passend?
Raclett Abendessen vorbereiten - Welche Raclette Zutaten sind passend?
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