You do not feel like a shortcut, but you want to change something in your appearance? Everyone once stood before this decision in their lives. Shoulder-length hair comes to the rescue. This haircut not only looks beautiful, but is also easier to style than the long or shorter haircuts. The shortcut requires regular visits to the hair salon. So you keep your hair in top shape over winter and they look neat, shiny and gorgeous. If you want to enjoy the sight in the mirror every time, opt for the shoulder-length hair. Do not be fooled that the trendy haircut makes the updos and braids impossible. Read a few tips and tricks on how to properly style your hair and follow the fashion.

Shoulder-length hair gives your look amazing beauty


This haircut is marked by the Long Bob, which is considered a timeless classic in the world of hairstyles. Because of the gentle stripes of hair over the shoulder, this medium-length hair looks attractive and offers plenty of opportunities for styling. The trick is that your hair is not too thick. This haircut is suitable for fine” hair> because it gives the hair fullness and momentum. Like the other variations of haircuts, the shoulder-length hair needs care. If you are looking for a sleek look, the experts recommend that you use hair” conditioner> . The curly hair calls for special styling products that spice up the look of the curls. If you use a flat iron daily, do not forget to protect the hair from heat. Maintain your hair properly and the result will be stunning. Accentuate your natural beauty properly and put your face shape in scene – the answer is shoulder-length hair!

Styling 3 golden tips for shoulder-length hair


Vanessa Hudgens, Olivia Palermo, Katie Holms and Taylor Swift are some of the most famous examples of wearing the “shoulder length hair” look on the streets. The styling variants are smooth, sleek look, retro style or light waves. Here are a few tips on how to achieve the perfect look of your medium-length hair:

  1. The hair length is important! The ideal haircut for shoulder-length hair can be recognized by the fact that the hair ends 2 cm above the shoulders.
  2. When hair cutting the hairdresser classifies the hair to the head rounding.
  3. To make sure your hair looks great, blow dry the hair using a round brush. Style the hair tips so that they point inwards. How to create fullness and volume.

The right haircuts for shoulder-length hair that matches the zeitgeist

Are you a fan of the medium-length haircut? Hands up! Then this section will appeal to you because we summarize the top 3 cuts that are trendy for 2018. They are – fringe ponies, “Choppy Cut” and Long Bob. Ponies are always a great addition to your haircut and also the perfect way to strive for big change with small steps. The fringe ponies are experiencing a small hair revolution today. The shoulder-length hair with fringe ponies is a trend brand of famous ladies like Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Swift. Second comes the “Choppy Cut” haircut. Current trend cut is characterized by the fringed ends of the hair and the messy look. It gives your look a casual touch. Last but not least, the Long Bob joins the queue. Bob never goes out of style. The Long Bob hairstyles give you more and more styling options than the classic Bob. With this haircut, the focus is on the face and on the shiny voluminous hair, so these trend cuts are so strongly represented.

1, 2, 3 and to the ball – simple hairstyles for shoulder-length hair

In this article we have emphasized many times that the shoulder-length hairs offer a great variety of styling possibilities. Whether smooth or curly, your hair looks stunning.

  1. Apply the hair foam to the palms and apply to all hair.
  2. Blow dry the hair with a round brush.
  3. Curl it with curling irons.

If you want to give your hairstyle more volume and a casual look, shake your hair and you’re done. Take a look at our photos and get inspired!




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