First you entered the apartment, and your eyes immediately fell on the shoes scattered on the floor? In this article, we offer you a creative idea, with the help of which you can finally bring order in the hallway – shoe rack build yourself! Below is a simple set of instructions for a decorative shoe rack that is not only practical and provides enough space for all your shoes, but also looks really great. Let yourself be inspired and good luck mastering!

Shoe cabinet build yourself: What are the advantages

For many women, shoes are a passion – they often buy themselves so much that they simply have no storage space for them. The same problem exists with the big families, where the shoes always get in the way. Instead of teasing yourself about the mess in the hallway, you can put your shoes attractively by buying a beautiful shoe rack or build yourself. The second option is better in that it gives you the opportunity to express your creativity and to make the shelf unique – depending on your personal preferences. You can also save a lot of money this way – the shoe cabinets on the market are often not cheap and do not always meet your needs. For all these reasons we offer below a simple construction guide for practical wooden shoe rack. We hope you like our proposal!

Build a shoe rack yourself – material list

It is actually much easier to build a shoe rack than you might think. For the variant we offer you need the following materials:
• 20 medium density fibreboards (22 x 34 cm, 16 mm thick)
• 40 wooden dowels (6 mm)
• 10 hacking screws
• 4 angle clamps
• white acrylic paint
• wood glue
• pencil
• ruler
You will also need some tools: jigsaw, cordless drill, cordless grinder, cross line laser (if possible), fine spray system, and a 6 and a 10mm wood drill.

Build wooden shelves yourself for all your shoes: how are you?

Before you start building, you can paint the wall in a desired color to make the shoe rack a real eye-catcher. Then you should connect 2 wooden panels like a roof using the angle clamps. At the edge where the wood overlaps, mark points with the pencil – at a distance of 6 x 0.8 cm on both sides. At these points, you should drill a hole about 3 cm deep with the cordless drill driver and a 6 mm wood drill bit. After removing the screw clamps, coat the overlapping surface with enough wood glue, insert wooden dowels through the drilled holes, and reconnect the plates together. This process should also be repeated with the remaining wood panels.

Shoe rack build yourself – instructions

After you have finished, connect two of the so-called “roofs” with angle clamps to a box. This box is connected to the two overlaps – just like the roofs. Next you should mark four points on any side for the suspension – with a distance of 6 x 6 cm and 6 x 4 cm from left and right. Drill holes in the marked areas with the cordless drill driver and a 10 mm wood drill. Cut the gap between the overlapping holes to form a column for the suspension. Sand the protruding dowels and all edges with the battery grinder. The next step, using the fine spray system, is to paint all boxes from the inside and outside with white acrylic paint. Allow them to air dry before hanging up. Using a cross-line laser could help you determine the positions of boxes much faster and easier. These should be fastened to the wall with hook screws in the form of a staircase. And done! Above is a photo of our shoe rack that will give you a better idea of ​​what it should look like in the end. But also look at the other pictures in this post – they can also be used as a source of inspiration.

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