And now again the same question, ladies: Which hair color suits me best? What should I choose? Red and deep black are too boring? Brown and blond you can see but now very often. Yes, that’s what we mean. Already looking for the hair color, which attracts everyone’s attention? Do not worry! We will introduce you to our great proposal. Bring hair color into the game and put on the bright colors! Blue, purple, green or pink … Let your hair shine in rainbow colors! Rainbow colors are hotter than ever. They come in many variations: from colored tips in the ombre look, via balayage technique, to a complete coloration. Eye-catching hair colors like blue and green are not only suitable for festivals and carnivals, but also for evening events as well as for your daily outfit. No wonder that bang colors are popular with more and more celebrities. But in this post Lila is the focus. Because purple hair acts in a special way. In the next lines we show some cool tendencies for this trendy hair color!

Purple hair: the excellent choice for fashion-conscious ladies!

When it comes to purple hair, the following rule applies: “He who does not dye his hair in purple does not follow fashion”. Women with this particular hair color will definitely stand out from the crowd. Probably someone would say, “I do not like purple. Purple on the head does not look pretty! “Yes. Lilac comes in many shades: light and dark purple, pastel shades, lilac in combination with silver nuances or delicate purple-pale blue hair color? Which is the perfect color for you depends on your type. Just experiment with purple and put your wild side in the right place!

Are you looking for a striking look?

Purple is the best solution!

Purple could give you extravagance, but also elegance. Take on the challenge by conjuring up this rainbow color on your head! Lila promises no boredom and guarantees you bright eyes. Because bright colors lift the mood, in a special way. Whether whole head or single strands, so beautiful looks purple dyed hair. Convince yourself! Before you reach for Lila, you should think twice about whether or not you like Lila. Because Lila is a hair color that requires courage.

Show off purple hair!

Take a look at our great, selected ideas for purple dyed hair in the following gallery! Discover the perfect Lilanuance for you!

Purple is very trendy!

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