The Hairstyle Trends 2017 in the Men’s Universe were clearly recognizable as short men’s hairstyles. The raspy short men’s hairstyles enjoyed great popularity among women last year as well, but the trendy men’s hairstyles 2018 are characterized by wild and long haircuts. For the hairstyle trends 2018 can be summed up to say that the Undone hair replace the until recently popular undercut and create the new trend in men’s hairstyles. The hours of standing in front of the mirror for hours trying to style your hair are over. In this post we will tell you the trendy men’s hairstyles, but before a few tips for the proper care for the male hair.

Men’s Hairstyles 2018: The necessary hair care products for a flawless styling



It is more or less a matter of taste, whether you want to have a retro look and put on the hip long men’s hairstyles, or the classic – short hairstyles 2017, stay true, the hair care should always be on the agenda. Usually men only have a moment to hair care in the morning, but it is often worthwhile to dedicate a little more time to hair, especially if your hair is strained. Here are the key hair care products and a few tips on how and when to use them.

On our list you will find a lot of hair care products in addition to the shampoo, which are suitable not only for treatment against stressed and greasy hair, but also for daily use to meet the needs of your hair and provide them with energy and nutrients.

Conditioner :

This year’s focus is on the long men’s hairstyles of 2018. If you follow this trend, you should definitely think about hair care. The conditioner is recommended for long haircuts because it protects the hair and smooths the scalp. In addition, a conditioner supplies your hair with the nutrients necessary for your perfect natural look. For proper hair care use a conditioner while bathing after the shampoo.

Hair Treatment:

To make the long hairs look healthy, they need a hair cure once a week. Apply the hair conditioner on the tips of the hair and wait 5/6 minutes for the action and then rinse.

Dry shampoo / powder:

In addition to the volume effect of the dry shampoo brings another advantage – it is perfect as a quick solution for greasy hair. The same positive results in the volume powder.


Hair Lotion:

For a volume effect as from the 60s, put on hair tonic with herbal extract. On the one hand it refreshes the hair, on the other hand it creates a natural-looking volume.

Bart Care:

To make sure your look looks immaculate, devote your time to beard care. More information and valuable tips can be found in the article: ” The” secret behind the right beard care> ”

5 golden tips for effective hair care


  1. Always the most expensive product can not do magic if you rinse it out quickly. For effective hair care, let the care products take effect for more than a moment.
  2. The shampoo is not the only product that includes the hair care routine. In contrast to the short men’s hairstyles, the long men’s hairstyles require conditioners.
  3. All hair care products with rinsing should always be thoroughly rinsed out of the hair with water.
  4. When bathing do not wash your hair with hot water. The principle is: the colder the water, the more shine on the hair.
  5. The use of hair treatments without rinsing is not only for female hair, the straining hair they demand regardless of gender.

Men’s hairstyles 2018: Which hairstyles are trendy?

#Short hairstyles men with pony

The undercut with long top coat and an overlapping pony offer many styling options and that’s why the cut is so popular.

#Medium-length hairstyles “Bro Flow”

The medium-length haircut is characterized by the fact that the hair is casually styled to the back. This men’s hairstyle gives your look a Mediterranean touch.


# Men’s Hairstyles “Shag”

The men’s hairdressers named Shag are a sign of the 60s and today they are experiencing their comeback. You are the best idea if your hair is fine.

#Mens hairstyles with surfer look

The medium-length masculine Bob is very trendy, because all women in Bad Boy look are totally in love.

#Trend in hair colors

In addition to a modern trend hairstyle, the trend color also plays a major role. Many men nowadays use hair coloring, so male coloring is not a taboo. T” he trend color is blond.>

Men’s hairstyles 2018 at a glance


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