With the start of the holiday season Facebook, Twitter and all kinds of social networks are flooded with holiday photos. For some – to think a harmless reminder of your own vacation. For the burglars but a long-awaited invitation and “call” to get active. Every 4 minutes a burglar cracks a door in Germany. The number of burglaries has increased by 45 percent over the past 5 years. Relying on the police is no longer enough. Who wants to protect his apartment, must think of a secure burglary protection.

Burglary Protection: Stop the easy game of burglars

In recent years, the most frequent collapse occurred between November and February. The darkness of the long nights benefited the burglars. The last few years, however, seem to be an exception, suggesting that a new trend is coming to fruition. The thieves no longer necessarily seek the darkness, they break more often in broad daylight. To counteract this tendency is not unproblematic, but you have to close at least the door with two turns. From the old, idyllic habit of leaving the key somewhere outside under a flowerpot, you should definitely say goodbye. The extreme times require extreme measures. Better invest in alarm systems and security technology, as well as leave the security of expertise to experts. Useful information, tips and tricks for individual and corporate security, see www.securityszene.de or www.polizei-beratung.de

The nuts and bolts: 10 safety tips against burglars

With some preparation and not necessarily with a big budget, every house can be protected against burglaries. Here is a list of safeguards, typical errors, and helpful tips for private burglar protection:

  1. Experienced burglars, professionals in this field have no problem discovering their targets. They have their own observation strategies and know exactly when nobody is home or on vacation. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on the house and empty the mailbox while you are away. This measure can keep at least some less experienced burglars away from your home.
  2. Invest in outdoor lighting – a dark process is a paradise for burglars.
  3. Make sure the windows are burglar-proof and difficult to access.
  4. Always lock the door well, even when you are at home.
  5. The balcony not only appeals to your guests, but also to the burglars – think about ways to make it difficult to access.
  6. The house access via the garage and the other side entrances should also secure you well.
  7. Facebook Check ins are very modern, but unfortunately they are often reason for a break-in.
  8. Always contact the police if you have noticed anything unusual.

9. The opportunities are thieves – a lot of money and valuables must not stay at home!

10. Particularly modern technical safety measures deter burglars

With the right burglary protection you feel safe at home

A burglary is particularly painful not only because of the material losses and the damage caused. The shock of the invasion of privacy and the traumatic fear of relapse lasts much longer. Striking is the feeling of lost security in your own home. The psychological consequences are sometimes very difficult to handle. Therefore, every effort is worthwhile to invest in reliable security systems and to protect the home from burglars.

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