Are you happy to live in a house with a garden? Then you should also think of suitable privacy screens for the outside! Because only the good privacy guarantees that you feel in your own garden like in a green paradise, without being disturbed by curious foreign views of the neighbors or random street passers-by. The possibilities are enormous – a high garden fence,

As already mentioned, the good privacy screen turns the garden into a private retreat where, for example, you can relax after a hard day’s work. The possibilities in this area are really huge and depend not only on your budget, but also on the desire to protect the entire garden or just the terrace from unwanted glances. Sometimes even the high garden fence could not hide the outside area from nearby neighboring houses; In this case, it is best to also shield a comfortable sitting area sideways from the street. Actually, this is easiest with a parasol or awning – in this way you have both visual, as well as good sunscreen. For more useful tips that would make your choice of matching privacy easier, read on!

Screening garden – modern ideas

If you choose the privacy screen for the garden, you should first consider whether you do not need a weather and wind protection. For example, a screen is perfect for this purpose. This should be anchored stably in the ground, so that the wind can not knock it over. Instead of a screen, you could also use a room divider or trellis – the last idea also gives you the opportunity to

Another idea worth investing in is the wood panels. They not only look attractive and very natural, but also hang loosely on chains and then on the canopy. It can not even move a strong wind because they are heavy and therefore stable. The only downside is that the wood panels are not transparent (which makes them unsuitable for a sitting area in the shade), and often they cost you a lot of money. A very interesting possibility for privacy are the blinds. A high fence made of old doors and shutters can be made with little effort itself, and looks quite beautiful. This variant gives you the opportunity not to throw away the old blinds, but to re-use – upcycling in action! The disadvantage is only that such a fence in the garden looks unnatural (but he is a real eye-catcher). For those who are looking for a variant that can be easily integrated into the green garden landscape, we also have ideas! For example, they could use driftwood sticks and make a fence out of them. The bamboo fence is also a great option – it’s not expensive at all, and it looks natural and fascinating!

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