Do you feel like many mothers in the net? “Help me, my daughter wants to be princess for carnival?” If so, you are right here! Every girl dreams of going to school disguised as a princess every day, and there is no better occasion than carnival. Princess fairings are varied and timeless, but there is one element that is a must – the Princess Crown. You can do this very easily yourself and it is worth it, because the eyes of your little princess will not stop to radiate.

Make yourself a lace princess crown

A princess crown made of lace is a very simple craft idea, and the instructions are simple. These crowns look super elegant and colored in gold or silver they can be a highlight in the carnival night. What you need for this project can be found in the manual.

DIY Princess Crown – Instructions


Step 1: You need a round object

We used a plastic cup. We need this to measure the crown and then cut the tip properly. It is best to mark the size on a sheet of paper. If you use a cup, the crown will of course be smaller. We recommend that you do not make it too big to fit on any head.

Step 2:

If you have cut the point correctly, coat it with textile hardener from both sides and let it dry.

Step 3: Color the princess crown in the color you want


Make children’s crown from balloons to carnival

DIY guide

Craft DIY cardboard crown from cardboard

Step 1: Print a template from Internet or draw a crown on a cardboard and cut it

Step 2: Color the crown in the desired color using a brush

Step 3: Glitter should not be missing

Step 4: Let the crown dry and glue its two sides


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