Today, every fashion-conscious woman is interested in nail design. The beautiful, artistically painted fingernails give you the opportunity to express your individuality and creative thinking while impressing others with your unique style. In this article, we offer you 25 beautiful nail patterns for the fall, which are super easy to imitate and today are very trendy. Let yourself be inspired!

Modern nail patterns for fall – trendy colors

For the fall season 2016, the muted sounds are again up to date. Opt for nail polish in the nuances that are characteristic of fall leaves or sunset – for example, gold, dark red, orange, and chocolate brown. These colors are not only particularly modern, but also look really beautiful and impressive. Original designs can also be created when you combine different nail polish colors together – so you can get the so-called Ombre effect, which is really hot today in nail design and hairstyling. Pearls, glitter particles or decorative stripes can give your beautiful autumn nails the finishing touch – be brave and try new designs! You can use the nail patterns shown here as a source of inspiration.

Autumn nail patterns and inspirational motifs

And what are the hot topics for this fall? The colored tree leaves, owls, acorns, pumpkins and also the trees without leaves remain popular and up-to-date. But you can escape the traditional fall motives by opting for abstract, geometric shapes. Modern for autumn and winter 2016 are also the animal motifs. But they are a bit harder to create, so get yourself a nail polish in beautiful colors of your choice, a pecuniary and a thin brush. Although in the beginning you might not succeed in getting the desired result, with more patience you will certainly see the progress later. To save time, you can also use templates or go in the nail salon. We wish you much success!

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