Nursery design can be different, mostly to the taste of the parents or according to the preferences of the child. When a child leaves primary school, the nursery also changes. By convention, the furniture should be made of child-friendly materials and, above all, safe. It is a significant change that is taking place both in the development and in the need for living of the child. Of course, the child would feel all the more at ease in the room if it made its own contribution to the interior design choice. And that happens most often in the design of the youth and children’s room.

What is important in the design of youth and children’s rooms?

In addition to the simplest things from the nursery so far, a desk, a desk lamp and a desk chair should be able to find their place in the children’s room. A larger bed, a shelf and storage space for the Schuhlsachen come here in question. From the simple wooden bed, shelf and desk to fancy decorative pieces for every taste, the matching furniture designs for the children’s room can be found at

In the youth and children’s” room> , your child should feel at home, because especially for young people, this is the retreat in which they can develop and develop. In the youth room, the rule “Less is more” comes into its own, after all, you leave the children’s kit aside and create a chic atmosphere. There are initially looking for compromise solutions, because with pubmed use it often comes to differences of opinion. As a supplement, every teenager needs to sleep with friends and maybe even a cool room would be a sofa” or a beanbag fit well.>

Ensure storage space – in the youth and children’s room a must!

“Order is half the life” and is in the youth and children’s room only possible if everything has its place and enough storage space is offered. It starts with the kids with the tons of toys and stuffed animals. Shoe children need even more space, because there are also the things that need to be stowed. In a teenage age of a child the room gets rid of a toy and immediately there is a place for many klammots. The coolest thing for a girl – walk-in closet, lots of clothes and accessories and maybe a make-up table.

Ideas for a chic youth room to feel good

Youth room furnishings should be cool and inspire the circle of friends, like the teenager himself. The most necessary in the youth room:

° Workplace for computers and homework

° Swivel desk chair

° shelf and larger cabinet

° Sofa or beanbag

° side table

° carpet

Of course, the wall design in the youth room plays a significant role. Everyone can bring their likes, hobbies and interests to the wall. This guarantees the satisfaction and is a good antidote in bad mood, also can be avoided here the annoying wall painting.

The possibilities for decoration of the youth and children’s room are limitless. Everyone can shape their own kingdom the way they feel it. It is not always needed a lot of decoration, mostly applies here: kliener effort – great effect. There are countless ideas for decoration to make yourself , or just a few posts on the wall bring a very different mood with it.

Simple remains always modern

Keep in mind that simple basics make it much more flexible, making it much easier to convert a nursery to a teenager’s room. Light wood, brightly painted walls and an economical use of furniture and decoration characterize a discreet style in the room, which always remains fashionable. For this purpose, strong accents can be set in bright colors according to their own feelings and mood.

The bottom line in the juxtaposition of youth and children’s rooms is that it is done with love and your child, whether young or young, feels at home in his or her own kingdom.

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