Long hair needs a lot of care, but it gives you a lot of freedom to experiment with different hairstyles and styling variations. Therefore, in this post we give you some inspiring ideas for great longhair hairstyles for everyday life, which are super fast and effortless to imitate. Let yourself be inspired, and try out the proposals that you like the most!

Hairstyles for long hair – nice ideas for imitation

As mentioned above, the styling options for long hair are simply limitless: you can put them up, braid, tie them together, cut them straight or in stages, shape them with gel or curling iron, etc. Sometimes you just do not have the time to create complicated hairstyles – for example, early in the morning before you go to work. But the usual ponytail is not the only solution! In this article we give you some creative ideas for beautiful longhair hairstyles that can be re-styled super fast with a little experience! They are not only suitable for the everyday office look, but look beautiful and stylish even during a party or social evening with friends. But long hair needs some preparation to get the desired result. Your hairstyle will last the longest if your hair is not freshly washed. In order to keep their shape longer, they could put some dry shampoo in the hairline and the tips. It is also useful to treat or blow dry the hair with a round brush before you start styling – this will give you more volume. Below are our instructions for practical long hairstyles. Enjoy reading!

Practical long hairstyles: herringbone braid

The herringbone braid looks particularly elegant, and is actually much easier to do than it looks at first glance. Divide your hair into two large strands. Start on the right side by taking a thin strand from the outside. Lay it over the large strand of hair from which it is removed and drop it into the large strand on the left side. With this you should repeat the same thing – take a small strand from the outside, put it over it and drop it on the right side. Braid the braid to the end in this way and fix it with a hair tie. Finished!

Fast long hairstyles: Ballerina-Dutt make yourself

Tie your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head and pull a dutch pillow over it. Make sure that it is positioned as centrally as possible on the head. Now you should wrap the hanging hair around the Duttkissen so that it is no longer visible. It remains only to fix the bun with hairpins and spray. And done!

Braid peasant braid

First divide the front part of your hair with the hairbrush. Stick the remaining hair away with a clasp so they do not disturb you. Braid a braid with three strands of the pony and gradually add more hair until the whole front part is completely interwoven. Fix the braid with hair tie and put it behind the ear. Now pin the remaining hair in the neck, twist it in at the side, and wrap it, along with the end of the braid, to a loose bun. Finally, fix the hairstyle with hairpins and spray.

Twisted Crown Hairstyle

This open hairstyle looks particularly elegant, and can only be done for a few minutes! First, make a center part of your hair and divide three medium strands on one side to braid them. When the braid is ready, fix it with a small hair tie and repeat the same on the other side. Next you should take one braid and push it through a loop of the other braid – ideally in the middle of the head. If the braids are already on top of each other, fix their center with hairpins, so that they do not slip. Now take the hair ties off the braids, and let the strands fall down nicely and emphasize your great braiding hairstyle.

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