Polynesian tattoos are from ancient cultures. For thousands of years, the primitive peoples have decorated the world with such art motifs. The most popular Polynesian patterns have a Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori and Aztec origin. Different symbols and forms denote religious and tribal affiliation. Each of these cultures, however, has their unique authentic patterns. At the beginning of the 18th century some sailors noticed these tattoos from the Polynesian area and they brought some to Europe. Below you will find more exciting information about it and some unusual patterns.

Polynesian Tattoos – extraordinary patterns

Some of the most unique patterns of Polynesian tattoos are the Maori and Samoan cultures. With an ancient history and extraordinary patterns, these motifs enchant many people worldwide to have their bodies painted in this way and to stand out for their originality.

Maori Tattoos – History and Meanings

Maori tattoos have existed for more than a thousand years and are originally from the Maori to New Zealand. They are distinguished in the field of Polynesian tattoo art among the other tattoos by their specific characteristics . The individuality of the Maori tattoos is due to their individual lines and the repetitive motifs and patterns. They are often described as curvy spiral lines. The motifs stood for prestige and prestige in society and were usually seen on the face, thighs or buttocks. Today, many tattoo artists are inspired by the history and motives of these primitive peoples. If you wish me a Maori tattoo, then it is recommended to find a tattoo designer specialized in this field.

Samoan tattoos – explanations and symbolism

Samoan tattoos are sometimes referred to as tatau by the locals, with “ta-” marked for beating and -tatau representative of the way and the motives painted on the body. The Tatau unique motifs are dense, dark shadow plays and very delicate parallel lines that are mixed with a variety of different motifs and geometric figures such as points, rectangles and squares. They are more suitable for large body parts such as back, legs or arms. They symbolize strong cultural affiliation and spread the image of Samoan culture, origin and identification.

Polynesian tattoos today

Nowadays, Polynesian tattoos are very popular. But these should not only look beautiful, but also tell something. The numerous motifs have different meanings and must represent a story, a unique life on the body. Different ornaments can be combined with each other, depending on their own meaning and symbolism, of course, so that they make up a narrative and not just painted on the body.


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