The jewelry and accessories made of polymer clay, known as polymer clay, are particularly original and can complement your look in a wonderful way. You can not only buy polymer clay jewelry, but also make your own home. At first glance, this looks easy, but if you want to design complicated shapes and figures, it is not without a few tips. Here you would find such useful advice.

Polymer clay jewelry is characterized by originality and elegance

Polymer clay is very easy to work on and stays soft for a long time. The jewelery made from it are durable and are characterized by their special beauty. From polymer clay you can easily model everything – necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings. After the pieces have been baked, they can be additionally painted or varnished.

Tinker with modeling clay at home

The handling of polymer clay is particularly easy – roll out, cut, model and after baking, the jewelry is not at all fragile. You can first let the jewelry dry in the air for a few days and then bake it in the kitchen oven to low temperature.

Imaginative jewelry

Another advantage of Fimo is that you can make fanciful jewelry with many fine and small pieces, which is often impossible with other types of kneading. The modeling clay is found in almost all hobby shops and can last longer if you pack it in fresh holding foil. The simplest clay for crafts – modeling clay from salt dough you can easily make at home. You only need two cups of flour, a cup of salt and a – water.

What is trendy today – “food jewelry”

Fimo jewelry in the form of different sweets is now very much in vogue. They are straightforward to do and particularly effective when they complement your look. Polymer clay jewelry with floral motifs is also particularly original and attractive, which he guarantees a romantic look. Jewelery made of modeling clay in geometric shapes is to be preferred on official occasions or if your style of attraction is simpler.

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