The indirect lighting LED is particularly excellent as LED interior lighting, because their light scattered and glare-free. Mounted on the ceiling or on the baseboards, modern stripes provide warm light that leaves little shadow and is ideally distributed throughout the room.

LED strips make rooms seem more spacious

The practical LED lighting is ideal for the wall and for the window sills. Other options for the energy-saving LED interior lighting are on window frames and on suspended ceilings. The LED indirect lighting with LEDs makes the room appear more spacious and creates a warm, pleasant atmosphere.

The indirect lighting LED creates cuddly atmosphere

Duo profile
In the aluminum profiles, the LED strips are stuck in different places, creating many different lighting scenarios.
Duo and Delta – Paulmann has developed special profiles that allow the strips to be mounted so that they emit light in one direction (towards the ceiling, for example) or in two directions. The strips themselves disappear behind the profiles: this makes an indirect LED lighting fast and easy. A diffuser makes the light very soft.

indirect lighting LED – a nice lighting mood

Depending on how the stripes are laid, they have different spatial and lighting effects. The high ceilings, for example, can lower the light by mounting LED strips. To make a room appear larger, mount the LED strips so that the ceiling is lit up and accentuated. The strips, which are mounted around windows, window sills or curtain rods, dramatically mark the curtains.

Indirect lighting LED for relaxed moments after work

Those who want to go further than just using the “duo profile” for lighting effects can also use it to illuminate the entire space. Up to four parallel stripes produce sufficient brightness of over 1,000 lumens per meter. This corresponds to about the same light output as a 75 watt bulb.

The indirect lighting LED makes the room cozy

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