The roses create an elegant and romantic look in every garden. But if you really want to live in the castle, choose climbing roses. They are used for pergolas, fences, walls or gates, and why not for a rose arch? So that you but enjoy the flowers for a long time, read our helpful care tips. Enjoy our fascinating picture gallery!

Choose the right location for your climbing roses plants

Choose a sunny and warm location for your roses. We recommend a sheltered place, but if you do not have one, do not worry, some wind will not hurt the flowers if you fix them well. However, the location does not have to be on shady walls, so the roses form few flowers. A sunny spot is also not an option, as the light damages the underside of the leaves. A partially shaded spot is the perfect choice!

When and how should you plant the climbing roses?

The right time to plant the climbing roses is the frost-free weather in the period from October to December. Spring planting from March to May is preferable. The climbing roses will form new roots in autumn and will be strong next spring. When planting these roses, leave some space for the roots to spread. A distance of one meter is enough. But if you want to plant two climbing roses, only a distance of 80 centimeters is sufficient.

The right cutting

Your climbing roses cut one to three times a year. The cut affects the growth and lushness of the flower. The more flowering climbing roses cut back slightly after the first flowering flor. In this way, enjoy a second flowering in late summer. The once-a-year flowering roses can only be cut in spring when needed. Generally, the season when you should cut the climbing roses is spring. After cutting, fertilization also plays an important role. You have to do this once in the spring, because at this time the roses have the most nutrient requirements.

Climbing roses and clematis together for a garden paradise

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