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Originally the avocado plant originates from South America. For this reason, you should choose a warm climate if you want to plant the avocado. This also answers the question of where to grow the avocado – in the garden or at home. The avocado tree can be better kept as a houseplant and rarely in the garden. We recommend you to plant your avocado core at home. Look here, how it works!

Plant avocado – what should we know?

The avocado – planting takes place when you plant the avocado core. Yes, exactly, it’s about this avocado core, which you find in the ripe avocado from the supermarket. There are people who eat the avocado core as it contains the most healthy nutrients. But leave one for you to have avocado fruits whenever you want! In general, you have two ways to plant the avocado core – directly into the ground or in a glass of water. No matter which method you choose, we have a guide for you!

Planting avocado pots in flowerpot

For this method you need a flower pot filled with potting soil and of course an avocado pot. Insert the core in half at most, with the pointed end facing up. Moisten the soil well and place a transparent perforated film over the core to increase the humidity around the core. At 25 degrees Celsius, it beats roots after a few months!

Plant avocado – water method

For the second method, take a glass and three toothpicks. Put the toothpicks in the avocado core. Be careful not to damage the core. Fill the glass with water and place the core in the water until the toothed holes are on the edge of the glass. Place the glass in a sunny place and water regularly. If the first leaves develop after a few weeks, you can plant them in a flower pot.

Detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures

Grow your avocado yourself – Give love and care to your avocado tree!

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