In 1889, 28 years after the unification of Italy, was during a visit of Queen Margaret of Italy (Margherita Maria Teresa Giovanna di Savoia), the wife of King Umberto I, in Naples by Raffaele, the head chef of Pizzaria Brandi and his wife a pizza is created in the colors of the Italian flag – red (tomato), white (mozarella) and green (basil). They named the pizza after the name of the queen – Pizza Margherita.

Pizza Margherita – a classic

However, description of such a pizza recipe can be traced back to 1866. In the book by Francesco DeBouchard “Customs and Traditions of Naples” – (Vol. II, p. 124), the most popular pizza toppings of its time are described, meanwhile with cheese and basil, often covered with slices of mozzarella.

Homemade Pizza Margherita

Whenever and wherever this pizza recipe has its origins, we all know that it was exactly the Raffaelle Esposito’s pizza that made her famous for Queen Margherita. Since then, Pizza Margharita has become one of the most recognizable symbols of Italian food culture in the world.

Tomatoes, cheese and basil

Since 2009, the Pizza Margherita is one of the three Neapolitan pizzas with an STG EU seal (Specialità Tradizionali Guarantee – Guaranteed traditional specialty), next to the marinara – topped with garlic and oregano and the Margherita Extra – topped with buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and tomatoes) ,

Pizza Margherita. Always succeed!

The high quality of the ingredients as well as the traditional preparation and baking method are the prerequisite for the true Pizza Napoletana STG seal.

You need a 3mm thick pizza crust with a 1-2cm high crust. Apart from the pizza maker’s hands, no processing tools are allowed – no dough roller or mechanical press, and are baked in a wood oven at 485 ° C for about 90 seconds.

The classic among the pizzas is the Margherita

Quick dish – Pizza Margherita

Traditional Neapolitan pizza


gluten-free pizza

Mozzarella on tomato sauce

This pizza was named after the Italian Queen Margherita

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