Recently, some exotic foods, such as chia and quinoa, are gaining in popularity because of the belief that they contain many important substances for the human body and can do real miracles for the figure. But there are also products that have all the characteristics of the so-called “superfoods” and are not so popular. The reason – they are much more common. An excellent example of this is pistachios. In this post you will learn why pistachios are healthy and if they can really help you lose weight. Enjoy reading!

Pistachios – a natural slimming agent

That pistachios are healthy, has already been scientifically proven. Actually, they are not fat and low in calories at all (100g pistachios contain about 600 calories!), But they are considered a strong natural slimming agent. The reason is that the nuts, which are originally from the Middle East, are very rich in healthy unsaturated fatty acids. A study by the University of California, Los Angeles, has shown that in a group of volunteers who have been taking pistachio snacking for more than three months, triglyceride levels are significantly reduced – these are the dietary fats that are stored in body fat , So the lower the value, the faster you can lose weight. The unsaturated fatty acids also lower cholesterol, so pistachios are also a great way to prevent dangerous cardiovascular disease. What other valuable nutrients contain Piztazien and they have other benefits for our health, learn below!

Pistachios healthy – ingredients

Pistachios can help you lose weight because they also contain a lot of fiber that stagnates your digestion. In addition, the nuts are particularly rich in potassium and iron – about 100g pistachios can cover the daily requirement of iron to 70 percent! But what makes pistachio nuts a real superfood is the high content of antioxidants – in one serving there are more valuable polyphenol antioxidants than in a cup of green tea! Furthermore, pistes also contain about 20 percent of proteins, vitamins A, B1, B6 and E, as well as trace elements like manganese and copper, which help in the construction of enzymes.

Healthy weight loss with pistachios – helpful tips

As already mentioned, pistzias are healthy and can make you slim, but unfortunately not alone. A healthy, well-balanced diet and enough exercise in your daily routine is mandatory if you want to reduce your weight and keep the result in the long run. But since pistachios are extremely valuable for the organism, you should also include them in your diet to get the desired result faster. It is enough to eat a handful of pistachios at least twice a week, and the effect is guaranteed! The rule applies – the greener the healthier. Because the thermal processing of pistachios leads to the loss of important nutrients. When buying the nuts you should of course pay attention to the quality – only the mold-free, fresh pistachios are really healthy. These can simply be eaten unsalted, but they can also be used in cooking – the pistachios go very well with meat, fish and pasta, and taste not bad at all as soup or with sweets! For this reason, we offer you below a healthy recipes with pistachios, which you can try for yourself. We hope you like our proposal!

Healthy dessert with cottage cheese, lemons and pistachios

This dessert is super easy to prepare and contains only 270 calories per serving! For 2 people you need:
• 2 tablespoons of pistachios, peeled
• 2 lemons
• 300g low-fat quark
• 50 ml of milk, low in fat
• 4 tablespoons maple syrup
• some lemon balm, fresh
First, rinse the lemons with lukewarm water. Halve and squeeze out one lemon. Peel the second thinly and cut the peel into fine strips. Then halve the second lemon as well – squeeze one half and slice the other. Next you should roast the peeled pistachios in a pan without fat. Using the blender stir creamy curd cheese with milk, maple syrup, lemon juice and peel. Sprinkle the dessert with roasted pistachios and garnish with lemon balm and lemon slices. Good Appetite!

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