Many Ikea products are the subject of hacks and transformations. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used in many different and ingenious ways. This is not the first time we focus on What is unique about the Ikea Kura bed?
Ikea Kinderzimmer einrichten mit Kura Bett
IKEA Kura bed is a large loft bed, it is recommended for children who are 6 years old, but also for older ones. Slatted frame is included; the mattress must not be more than 5 1/8 “thick overall so as not to exceed the safety mark on the upper part of the ladder. Turned upside down, the bed turns quickly from a low to a high bed. Kura can be used not only for shared children’s rooms, but also if you only have one child: the lower part can be used as a play area, or you can even eliminate the lower bed to create a cozy play area for your child. Are you still interested in how this works and would you like to do it yourself? Take a look at our DIY guide!

DIY Ikea Hack: Kura bed pimpen instructions

If your child is ready to move from his crib to a large cot, Ikea Kura bed is the best choice! The reason – from Ikea Kura bed can be made a really funny bed. With the right accessories and matching decoration you can make it even more individual. Here it is! Our DIY IKEA Kura bed hack. It looks like a little house, and it gives you all the possibilities to play and decorate. Let yourself be inspired!

Which materials do you need?

Ikea Kura Bett pimpen - DIY Anleitung
The required materials

  • IKEA Kura bed
  • grinder
  • Wood stain and seal (optional)
  • 2 × 2 pine boards
  • Miter Saw
  • screw
  • drilling machine
  • pencil
  • ruler

Step by step instructions

Ikea Kura Bett pimpen - DIY Anleitung
Step 1:
Sand, dye and seal all wooden parts of the bed. The color of the wood should be matched with the nursery and here you are spoiled for choice.
Step 2:
Build the bed according to the instructions on the packaging. Just a note about this bed: it’s actually reversible. Now the mattress is on the lower section and the rails are on the top. But as the child gets older, you can flip it over so that it becomes a loft bed, with the mattress on top and space below.
Step 3:
Cut the parts for the “roof” of your house. Cut a piece of pinewood board to the length of the bed. This will be the highlight. Set that aside. Cut another piece at the height that the roof should have.
Step 4:
You can cut another piece of wood to the same length if you want to lay it on the ground to measure your other pieces. Otherwise, you can create a measuring tape with the same length as the width of the bed. Place the height piece perpendicular to it exactly in the middle. Then place an extra piece of board under the two and create a triangle. Trace two lines on this board that extend from Part A and Part B. This is the angle you need to cut at each end with your miter saw. Do that with three more boards. You can simply set the angle on your miter saw and cut a total of four boards. You should now have four pieces of C’s.


Ikea Kura Bett pimpen - DIY Anleitung

The colorful pictures provide a happy mood

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This Kura bed is reminiscent of a circus tent – the ideal playground for your child!

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