How can you turn the bathroom into a real residential oasis? The key is actually in the small details, so we suggest you to visually enhance the walls in your bathroom with beautiful pictures! Below are some helpful hints on what to watch out for when choosing pictures for the bathroom and some inspiring ideas that you’ll undoubtedly fall in love with. We hope you enjoy reading and hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Pictures for the bathroom: How can you protect them from humidity and water vapor?

Bilder fürs Bad gross abstrakte Motive
Bilder fürs Bad den richtigen Platz finden
Bilder fürs Bad abstrakt Feder
Bilder fürs Bad Auge geschlossen
Bilder fürs Bad zwei schwarz weiss Blumenmotive
Bilder fürs Bad drei Balerinnen Zeichnungen
Bilder fürs Bad gross abstrakt blau Mosaik
Bilder fürs Bad Hirsch blau beruhigend
Bilder fürs Bad rot schwarz Baum
Bilder fürs Bad Frauengesichter herrlicher Look
Bilder fürs Bad Ideen und Inspirationen
The bathroom is not the place where you usually hang pictures – because of the steam and the high humidity, this can be a bit more difficult than, for example, in the bedroom or living room. Pictures for the bathroom create a really stylish ambience, and are a good choice for the Pictures for the bathroom: Do not decide on valuable works of art!
Bilder fürs Bad minimalistisch dezent Menschensilhouetten
Bilder fürs Bad Pflanzenmotive rot
Bilder fürs Bad vier minimalistisch Vogelmotive
Bilder fürs Bad Bäume Zen Stil
Bilder fürs Bad nackte Frau
Bilder fürs Bad Gesicht schwarz weiss
Bilder fürs Bad mennschliches Gesicht abstrakt
Bilder fürs Bad geometrische Formen versiegelt
Bilder fürs Bad Gäste WC zwei minimalistisch
Bilder fürs Bad Landschaft Meer
Bilder fürs Bad Meer Fels
Bilder fürs Bad Mensch abstrakt futuristisch
Bilder fürs Bad originell Merilyn Monroe
Bilder fürs Bad klein quadratisch minimalistisch
Our next advice is to choose only those images that are not too expensive, or have a high sentimental value – moisture damage is sometimes inevitable over time, and you do not want to lose something irreplaceable, right? Photocopying your favorite artwork, computer footprints or simply pages from a magazine is a much better idea. Of course, the motifs and picture frames should be coordinated with the decor and the rest of the decorations in your bathroom. Something else is important – if the pictures and photos are next to a window in the bathroom, they could be damaged by direct sunlight slowly. To avoid this, opt for glass or acrylic frames with UV filters, or even more simply – use sunscreen like blinds.

Pictures for the bathroom – motifs and arrangement

Bilder fürs Bad anordnen Tipps
Bilder fürs Bad drei abstrakt klein WC
Bilder fürs Bad auswählen und anordnen
Bilder fürs Bad Wasser und Pflanze
Bilder fürs Bad gross quadratisch abstrakt Mond
Bilder fürs Bad modern Goldtöne
Bilder fürs Bad abstrakte Linien schwarz
Bilder fürs Bad Blumenmotive Tulpen
Bilder fürs Bad Blume
Bilder fürs Bad Glasrahmen Foto stilvoll
Bilder fürs Bad Anordnung originell
Bilder fürs Bad Foto Steine
Bilder fürs Bad Rahmen aus Edelstahl
And what motives are the best for the bathroom? As the bath basically serves as a place of relaxation, you can opt for images that have a calming effect, and motifs such as water (water spraying, a lake, a waterfall, the sea), plants and stones represent. An alternative to this is the modern, abstract art, which can also create a super stylish ambience in the bathroom – take a look at our photos to see for yourself. If the images are more than two, their arrangement also plays an important role. If the picture frames are the same size and are hung in a horizontal row, this creates a certain optical width. With narrow walls you could arrange the pictures vertically – the result looks particularly original. And when it comes to a group of pictures in different sizes, make a chic asymmetric arrangement! You should not forget that you can also set interesting accents in the decor with the pictures and thus change the holistic atmosphere in the room. We hope that you will be inspired by our tips and examples to beautify your own bathroom with some great pictures and photos!

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