Most of us have not just one camera ready in the age of digital photos, but most of us have a printer that can turn the pixels into photos on paper in no time at all. Never before in history did people have so many photos of friends and family members as they do today. The technology is changing, but the desire for

A picture wall wants to show us where we already were and where we are going. Whether you decide to design it yourself or involve a professional once the photos are printed, the process of creating the photo wall turns out to be low-tech.

Make a photo wall yourself – Procedure:

First, decide where you want to attach the photo wall. A good idea would be to hang them in a private room, such as in the hallway or in the bedroom. Next, you should consider whether you want to place the photos symmetrically or asymmetrically. No matter what choice you make, a common, connecting element creates a sense of order. This could be a color, a frame or the picture size. For example, you could opt for photos of various sizes, but the photo wall is all in black and white.

Again and again make room for new or more photos

Create a template with a border so that the content can be easily changed. As the family grows or changes, you can easily add or share photos.

Even more tips for the perfect photo wall

Frames in the same size and color look great, as does a photo collection in various vintage frames. But it looks even better if the same distances are left between the frames.

You could use a simple trick. First, arrange the photos on a larger poster made of thicker paper. Just act on feeling and it will work out well. Bring the poster to the wall and attach it with strips of duct tape. Use a nail and mark the places where the fixtures must be installed. Take down the poster and bring the fixings to the wall.

Photo wall design – usual project duration

Creating your own photo wall could be done on a weekend. But if you need professionally printed photos, a frame, or special mounting hardware, it could take longer.

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