Great scenery or small collection

Fotografien: Große Szenerie oder kleine Ansammlung
If your living room has dimensions that resemble a salon, large formats are great. Gladly a picture in this case may occupy the entire wall surface behind the sofa. The important thing is that the style of image and furnishings are not contradictory. Abstract art in bright colors is best suited for a modern decor, and for classic furniture subtle colors. Also suitable for this type of staging are multipart pictures, which are hung at a distance of a few centimeters.
For smaller rooms, niches or little wall space is a collection of many small pictures. The important thing is that a feature runs through it like a red thread. Whether you opt for black and white photographs or a particular pattern in the suspension, it is up to you and your imagination.
Avant-garde and funny is the edging hanger. With her, all images are aligned on an imaginary center line. Those who value the fact that not only the art itself should come into its own, but also mutate the suspension to create a total work of art, will pre-arrange the pictures on the living room floor in advance. It is particularly effective when the center line is used for mirroring at the same time.
If you do not want to commit yourself to a style in terms of content or appearance, perhaps the St. Petersburg hanging is perfect for you. Many pictures are hung in close proximity. What sounds like a disorderly mess on the wall, but still can fit together: Here, either all frames are the same or have the same passepartouts.
As a detail in a small space shelves are reserved, which are reserved exclusively for pictures. So that it remains calm despite the collection of different styles and formats for the eye, should be in this shelf only pictures and no other decoration.

color family

Farbfamilie im Wohnzimmer - Fotografie als Fotoleinwand
As very harmonious furnishing proves, which comes along in the same colors. Only in nuances, the sofa differs from the wall color. Here it makes sense to combine larger and smaller images. Also, make sure they are held in a slightly stronger shade to stand out from the wall.
zu bleiben, können Sie hier aber auch mit Kontrasten spielen. Just like staying within a color family , you can also play with contrasts here. Color swabs that you put on the wall can then also be found in the decoration.
Currently very trendy is the color gray, which is anything but boring. From elegant to industrial chic, all furnishing styles can be realized here and it radiates a lot of peace and quiet. Calm, which may be wonderfully broken with eye-catching pictures.

Photo Art

Fotografien und Fotokunst in der Inneneinrichtung
You are a passionate hobby photographer and some of your shots can quite well match those of professionals? Then simply put your digital treasures on the wall in scene.
gedruckt werden. Successful portraits or picturesque landscapes as a reminder of the last holiday are especially effective when printed on a photo canvas . In addition, the motif feels softer than on a poster and is dimensionally stable, as the canvas is mounted on a stretcher.
Fotografien und Fotokunst in der Inneneinrichtung
Fotografien und Fotokunst in der Inneneinrichtung

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