These are moments that count, not things! A photo album can present not just a

A photo album collects special snapshots that are carefully selected and arranged. Holiday photos or baby, wedding and other moments presented in an artistic design with unusual shapes, patterns and features are something very special. Lovingly self-designed photo albums are very popular. Here, the one decides on the size, shape, size, colors and decoration, and the album can be adapted to your own taste.

Album with photo cards – great gift idea

Everyone would be happy about such a creative photo album as a gift, because it is part of the personality of the friend, especially if he has done it himself. Such an envelope can also be used for a fancy greeting card, invitation or money gift. To look in it is a real pleasure, because in addition to the photos, other things such as postcards, tickets, texts, pressed flowers, money or even lottery tickets, accommodate.

Mini album with beautiful memories to make your own

The small photo album would be something special for your loved one. Creatively crafted and decorated, with the best moments you have experienced together, such a small gift can bring tears to your eyes, of course, tears of happiness. If you lack ideas and inspiration, you can look at our suggestions and draw ideas. For birth, wedding or birthday a handmade unique gift is something special for every occasion.

DIY album with photos for friends

Here’s an idea for a photo album as a birthday present, which gives lots of positive emotions and is a great

Photobooks and albums

Many people nowadays choose to move somewhere. Emigrating or simply moving to another city is something quite normal. Due to work, love or simply the luck to look elsewhere are occasions to say goodbye. The best gift of farewell is a

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