When the summer comes, the flowers open and bloom, then the most beautiful time begins – the garden blooms and we enjoy the beautiful splendor of their colors! With all the joy it is important to think about the planting now – so that we give our garden a good figure. The planters are a wonderful way to decorate your garden and stage your favorite plants. But in the outdoor area, it’s not just about a beautiful look, but also on a special durability and easy-care options. That’s why choosing the right planter is very important. The variety of offered sizes and shapes is meanwhile enormously large – from classic rectangular shapes over elegant ovals to modern creative forms. The materials are just as varied as the designs offered. As your guide, we have put together for you the most important factors and characteristics of each model, so that you aesthetically and expediently choose the right planter for your needs!

Which factors play a role in the selection of planters?

A purchase decision can be very spontaneous, but one must not forget that the garden design is a long-term investment and long-term pleasure. Planting a garden means thinking about tomorrow! The planters give your garden a natural texture and fascinate with chic natural shapes. The nature and the green can also be mobilized with the right planter – with planters it is very easy to bring the blooming flowers into the house. The beautiful look is only after the purpose. The size and color should also harmoniously match the garden design, as well as combine with the decor and style. Not all materials are equally suitable for outdoor installation and one should know the individual advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. Before describing the most important properties of each bucket, take a look at the variety of attractive and high-quality planters from Pflanzwerk .

The shape has to fit – the agony of choice

The planters are generally larger than the flowerpots and therefore can be used in many ways. But to be part of the overall picture and to become a real eye-catcher, you should of course bring out the flowers you want. The larger the planned planting, the more space their roots need and the tub should be bulkier. The same applies to the size of the outdoor area. Large planters can be set up in spacious gardens. They can also serve as a natural screen at the same time. In addition to the size of the shape contributes significantly to the character and the radiance of a planter. In general – the choice of shape is a matter of taste, but it takes a little help and inspiration to create a harmonious atmosphere. You are spoiled for choice between classic rectangular, round or oval shapes. If your outdoor space is inspired by the minimalist style, then the Cube model is for you. Being compact and space saving thanks to its square shape, it is perfect for the small garden. If you want to create a privacy of flowers, the longer form “tub” is better. Think of planter as a piece of decoration and you will choose the right one. A tip from us: place two planters right next to each other. It looks modern and casual, if the two buckets slightly differ in shape, color or size. An even more relaxed design would be if you create a mix of materials.

The material – so you enjoy a long time

Previously, we had no choice but the classic terracotta tubs. They really fascinate with a natural-warm red tone, unfortunately it does not fit so well with modern garden designs. Thanks to the huge selection available today, we can choose the right material for our tubs. This considerably expands the design possibilities! In addition to the function of decorating the garden, the planters should long retain the beauty of the flowers. For this reason, the perfect material should have the following properties: frost-resistant, weather-resistant, hard-wearing. In order to introduce you to the world of materials, we have put together an overview of their properties for you:

  • Fiberglass : particularly lightweight material with a natural-looking surface, easy-care, weather-resistant, frost-proof
  • Plastic: resistant to UV radiation, frost-resistant, stable, care-free, flexible in use
  • Concrete: robust, but very heavy, easy to clean, stable, weather and frost resistant
  • Wood: natural look, needs a lot of care, durable, solid, but very heavy
  • Terracotta: natural look, waterproof, breathable, durable, not frost resistant, heavy

The correct planting of planters

One of the secrets of beautiful flowers are the high-quality planters and the correct planting of planters. To help you with this process, we provide a video tutorial with the correct order and helpful tips:

Did you also feel like designing your garden with modern planters for the summer? There are many things to keep in mind, but we hope you make the right choice with our tips. We wish you many pleasant moments in your garden oasis!

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