Every woman dreams of never shaving, epilating or growing again. This is a very important topic, especially in the summer, because shaving every day is not only annoying, it can irritate the skin and cause pimples. A visit to the cosmetics studio is not exactly cheap and takes precious time. Therefore, we will look for home methods that make permanent hair removal possible without expensive treatments and annoying regular epilation or waxing. For hair removal, various methods, some of them painful, are used. Many people can afford the latest IPL devices on the market. They provide permanent hair removal without pain and skin irritation, on any part of the body and all at home, when you have time and desire to do so.

Permanent hair removal with epilation – cheap, but not for everyone

The traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing or epilating are still used by many women and men. The results are good, but not long-lasting, and the hair grows quickly. The treatment of certain body parts is often tedious and even painful. You can buy an epilator in every electrical shop starting at around 25 euros. An entire set with different attachments and extra accessories is already at 90 to 100 euros. Compared with the professional waxing in the cosmetics studio you have this money out for 2 months. As cheap as it sounds, epilation is not for everyone. It is partially painful and is more suitable for insensitive body parts. For the bikini area and underarms you have to be fearless and painless. One of the drawbacks is that short hair often can not be caught and the skin suffers from red spots or ingrown hairs.

Wachsing – at home and in the cosmetics studio

Wachsing can be warm-by warming up in a liquid state, or cold, on a strip. Cold wax on strips can be purchased at any drugstore and a strip needs to be briefly heated between hands before use. Best for smaller areas of the skin but also for the legs. Warm waxing can also be done at home. Warm wax becomes a viscous mass when heated, which is applied to the skin with a spatula. Then pressed with fleece strips and then withdrawn against the direction of growth. The method is also painful, but guarantees at least 3 weeks of hairless skin. The disadvantage is skin inflammation and the development of pimples. An alternative to wax is the sugaring. This works just like waxing, but instead of wax, a special sugar paste is used here.

Depilatory cream and razor – fast but not permanent

Everyone can use the depilatory creams and razors at home. This is fast but definitely not permanent. It is only recommended in extreme cases. With regular shaving the hair becomes stronger and grows very fast. In addition, the skin of the legs feels like a man’s beard.

Permanent hair removal by laser

Laser treatment is considered to be particularly effective and lasting. But they should only be done by professionals or dermatologists. Visible results can be observed after some procedures. Financially, this method is very stressful and not suitable for domestic use. Although there are laser devices for the home, but much weaker than the medical. However, this type of laser treatment is to be treated with caution. After a laser treatment sun, solarium and sauna is taboo for several days.

Permanent hair removal with light (IPL – Intense Pulsed Light) – painless and permanent

During an IPL treatment, the device emits brief, intense light pulses in a flash, destroying the hair follicles and, over time, the hair falls off by itself. The method is similar to the laser method and unlike the laser, several hairs are treated simultaneously. Depilation with IPL devices can really be called reliable. The best and most advanced method for permanent hair removal at home is an IPL treatment. It is painless, without skin irritation and saves time. Meanwhile, there are on the market relatively cheap IPL devices for domestic use, which of course have a much weaker effect, as in a beauty salon, but at least do their best with a good result. It is important to shave the hair before the IPL treatment, because the light pulses penetrate undisturbed into the depth of the hair follicle.

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