According to the results of a BMU study, every German buys an average of 18 kilograms of clothing per year. This equates to 50 – 70 garments. And that without shoes and other accessories. Of course, not every piece of clothing will be a favorite piece of clothing for everyday wear, and not every one of them will hang in the wardrobe. Wardrobe – an old but very beautiful word that somehow lost its meaning over time. A few hooks or a chest of drawers are often the only pieces of furniture we now see as a wardrobe in the modern hallway. Shoes, hats, coats, scarves and other accessories are simply packed away – that looks nice, but it’s not really practical. So you can convince yourself that wardrobes are extremely useful, we have put together a selection of hall furniture that will give a good first impression of your lifestyle when entering your apartment.

Wardrobe – Open the door to your own world

Garderobe - Öffnen Sie die Tür zu Ihrer eignen Welt
It serves as a space for jackets, shoes and coats, as an area where you prepare for the first date or for the important business meal. It is the first thing you see when you open the door and enter the entrance area. The wardrobe is a piece of furniture that ensures order and functionality in our lives. It should not necessarily be big, but it should be practical. But what should the perfect wardrobe look like? Before you decide on one, you should consider where the best place for the new piece of furniture is and what and how much you want to stow. – mit unseren Tipps, finden Sie den passenden Stauraum für Ihre Bedürfnisse. From a compact wardrobe in the hallway, through a walk-in wardrobe to the ultimate space saver – the wardrobe set – with our tips, you will find the right storage space for your needs.

Everything in its place with a wardrobe set

Alles auf einem Platz mit Garderoben Set
You have a long, dark corridor with many doors or a small hallway with little space for a huge wardrobe? This is not necessary either. Anyone who thinks of old, dusty corners in a wardrobe is wrong, because these times are a thing of the past. The modern wardrobe set consists of separate hall furniture, which are perfectly coordinated and create a harmonious overall appearance in the entrance area. Even if you do not have that much space, you can scatter the individual elements throughout the room. A wardrobe set often consists of wall panels with coat hooks, a mirror and a shoe cabinet. If you want additional storage space, you can also add a wardrobe to the ensemble. So you have everything important for the cold days in the immediate vicinity of the apartment door.

Compact wardrobe or a real all-rounder

Kompaktgarderobe oder ein echter Alleskönner

An example of a Flur wardrobe that is simply the blast! This unique piece of furniture combines several
Mit Garderobe im Flur Ordnung schaffen
Minimalism is not only in the decor trend, but also affects the wardrobe. However, it is necessary to have a little organization and to set a basic rule – leaving only a few pieces for each season in which you will really wear. For snow days you do not need a leather jacket, right? Specifically, this organization works best in cycles of three months, that is, with the different seasons. The principle? Sort your existing garments according to season and provide them with the desired accessories, such as scarf or hat and choose the right shoes for every outfit and season. Choose such garments that accentuate your personal style and can be combined in many ways. For example, the red boots that do not fit the pink coat this year will let you go next year when they might come back into fashion. In order to be able to create this order, you should know yourself very well – what you need, what suits you best, and what suits your own style and personality.
There are many imaginative ways to put together a wardrobe, as well as to make this impressive and unique. Let your imagination run wild, because only your ideas and wishes are decisive for the look.
Mit Garderobe im Flur Ordnung schaffen

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