The eyebrows make the face expressive and emphasize the beauty. No wonder they have become the most important beauty ideal in recent years. Without stressed eyebrows, the make-up is not complete. But before you start with the make-up, you should follow some rules and tips. You need to know which shapes your eyebrows are right for your face shape and how you should pluck your eyebrows. All important tips, as well as detailed Make Up instructions, can be found here! Have fun on the way to the beautiful face!

Which eyebrow shape suits me?

We observe different eyebrow trends almost every year. This year bushy and wild, ten years ago – very thin. But you absolutely have to know one thing – do not follow trends and fashion when it comes to the shape. Make up trends yes, but the shape has to fit your face. A rule is timeless and can not be influenced by any trend – nature. She knows best what suits you best. Therefore, orient yourself to your natural form and pluck only what is surplus.

Here are all eyebrows shapes in overview:

If you do not like your natural brows, we have some tips for you, which shape fits which shape:

  • round face – wide structured brows
  • oval face – dense brows with swing
  • angular face – flat, short brows
  • heart-shaped face – flat brows with round bow

To create proper eyebrow shapes, you need to pluck properly

Do you like the eyebrow shapes on the picture above? It is not obligatory to make-up your eyebrows. With the right plucking you will also get the desired shape. The plucking makes your face feminine and natural. When plucking, you should follow some rule to give your eyebrows a natural look. Our most important tip is that you only remove the outliers and not pluck the brows too thin. And so that your brows do not look too wild, but look delicate and feminine, use eyebrow scissors. There are also some tricks on how you can only find the right length of eyebrows with a pencil. Take a look how it works!

Eyebrow plucking instructions

Perfect eyebrow make-up: what do we need to know?

If you have plucked your eyebrows properly, you should emphasize them. Follow our step by step instructions for perfect eyebrow makeup!

Eyebrow Make-Up Instructions:

Naturally make-up eyebrows – Make Up Instructions

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