Pastel pink hair has conquered the fashion world this summer – as evidenced by the plethora of stars – Pink, Katy Perry, Hailey Baldwin, Rita Ora, Shakira, and many others who have opted for stunning hairstyles of hip nuance. But what makes hair color pastel pink so popular and who would love it? Is it possible to dye the hair pastel pink or is it better to go to the hairdresser? You can find answers to these and other important questions in this article! Here we introduce you to the pros and cons of pastel pink hair and give you some great ideas to draw inspiration from. Enjoy reading!

Pastel pink hair is currently a total hit

Pastel nuances in the hair are really hot lately, but pinks are the most popular, and that’s not by chance – pastel pink hair is a real eye-catcher, because they look super stylish, romantic and feminine. The fresh color is the perfect summer choice and could totally change your look – try it for yourself! If you are a fashion conscious woman, and want a new, modern hairstyle for the summer, hair color pastel pink can be the perfect choice for you! But before you decide on the trendy pastel look, you should of course consider whether such a nuance would suit you well. To find out the answer, read on!

Pastel pink dyeing hair: Who likes the trendy color?

The hair color pastel pink is especially ladies with lighter skin types. The color of the eyes and eyebrows is also important, and if you are not sure whether the result would look nice, it is best to consult your hairdresser. The initial color of your hair also plays a crucial role – the lighter it is, the easier it will be to get the modern pastel pink look. Ideally, your hair should be white or blond – otherwise you should bleach your mane. And as you may know, every lightening will more or less damage your hair – if you’re not sure about your abilities, it’s best to have the blonding done professionally. For darker hair, two or even three lightenings may be needed until you get the desired blond shade that will serve as the basis for the pastel pink tone. After each bleaching, you should wait at least 3 weeks before lightening your hair again, so you will not damage the hair structure – be prepared that the desired result may take slightly longer. But if your hair is currently strained, dry and lackluster, they should rather abstain from bleaching. In this case you have two options: either wait until your hair is healthy again, or dye it pastel pink, although the initial shade is not white blonde. In the second case, you would get a slight pink glow, which can also look very original. For medium blonde hair, for example, you would get the Nuance strawberry blond, and dark blond – a gorgeous rose brown!

Pastel pink hair dyeing – matching products

Unfortunately, you will not find a product in the German trade with which you can dye your hair in the long term pastel pink. But there are different ways to tone your mane in the trendy nuance that work through pigments that do not penetrate deep into the hair structure and therefore only hold from 3 to 10 washes. These are the products of L’Oréal from the “Colorista” series, which you can choose from. When the pigments are completely washed off, you can dye your hair back in pastel pink if you liked the shade, or try another trendy shade of color – pastel blue or purple, peach color. Very recent here .

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