This is not a trademark, but a formidable building standard that is not only environmentally friendly but inexpensive, convenient and really energy efficient. The Passive House has many useful features, which is why many construction and environmental experts are convinced that it will soon prevail as the energy-efficient home of the future.

The passive house as energy-efficient house of the future

The passive house is not just a building that uses less energy. It allows up to 90 percent energy to save on heating, compared to conventional buildings. When it comes to oil and gas consumption, you use much less than 1.5 liters per square meter for the whole year.

Advantages of the passive house

Besides, this energy efficient house is really comfortable. As energy sources, it uses body heat and solar radiation, which makes heating much easier.

Energy efficient house with good insulation

These advantages of passive houses are due to the particularly good heat of the dusk – not only the windows, but also the walls, the roof and the floor are insulated in such a way that the house stays warm in winter and cool in summer.

ventilation system

The good ventilation system of the passive house ensures constantly fresh air, cleansed of pollutants and allergens. Therefore, the health conditions in such a flat are better.

Energy-efficient house as an environmentally friendly solution

But the energy-saving house of the future has another feature that is of particular importance – it is absolutely environmentally friendly. In a passive house you use very little energy, which comes only from sources that do not pollute our environment. The energy necessary for the construction of such energy-saving houses is insignificant, compared to this, which they later save. Furthermore, the design of the passive house can be used not only for new buildings, but also for the renovation of old buildings.

Energy saving house as a long-term investment

This energy-efficient home is also a particularly good long-term investment. Compared to other environmentally friendly buildings, whose construction is not cheap at all, you can do without expensive heating appliances and cooling systems at the Passive House. The cause – in this house you do not need such things.
Passive house design can be applied to all building types – not just private homes, but also schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, etc.

Why should you live in a passive house?

The passive house is the ideal solution for all people who not only save on electricity bills, but also want to live really environmentally friendly.

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