Partner tattoos are called tattoos that complement each other. More and more couples and best friends are today stinging such tattoos – as a sign that their relationship never breaks down. The partner tattoos look really interesting, because they make sense only for two. In this article you will find 21 great ideas for such tattoos – especially for lovers. Take a look at our picture gallery and let yourself be inspired!

Partner tattoos – a wonderful love affair

In the tattoo parlor you will surely find numerous motives and designs for a partner tattoo, but the photos in this article can also give you creative ideas. The simplest way is to get a heart or the name of the beloved, but there are also many other possibilities – today, for example, the abstract and stylized tattoos are really hip, because they look very modern and purist. Suggest that the partner make a tattoo together and choose the motif that best suits your individualities and preferences – a particular symbol that has a special meaning to them, a picture, letters and numbers or even a quote, that best describes their relationship. Let your imagination run wild and in the end the result will be unique!

Partner Tattoos – variety of designs and designs

After you and your partner have already selected the motif, it is also important to discuss the design and size of the tattoo. Do you prefer large, eye-catching motifs or would you rather opt for a small tattoo that looks elegant and subtle? The body part also plays an important role – lately the finger tattoos are very trendy, but you should take into account that they are quite painful – the finder skin is actually very delicate. You can also draw the motif you have chosen on a piece of paper and give it to the tattoo artist so that he has a clear idea of ​​what you want. We wish you much success!

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