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The parasol is a real must for every balcony and every terrace. On the one hand, it is considered the ideal shade dispenser, on the other hand, it stores the heat that has stored through the day, so you can enjoy the long warm nights outdoors. Below we explain the different alternatives of parasol and awnings that are offered for sale.

Standing parasol for balcony

The classic variant is the standing parasol. The whole parasol consists of stand, center pole and screen. When buying a parasol for the outside, you attach great importance to the material from which the middle floor is made. He should be high quality and weatherproof. In the quest to buy umbrellas cheaply, one underestimates this factor. The high-quality umbrellas are made of weather-resistant wood or corrosion-resistant aluminum, in contrast to the cheap alternatives that are made of steel.

The free hanging parasol for balcony

The Ampelschirm is the next beautiful and practical variant. In contrast to the previous type of umbrella, the middle floor of the sunshade is located to the side. Because there is no stand in the middle, this alternative is more practical because the usable area is larger. The sunshade fits perfectly with the smaller balconies and terraces.

Special parasols for balcony

If you are looking for the right parasol for a balcony, the size, shape and mounting mechanism come into question. In contrast to the terrace and garden umbrellas, the parasols matching the balcony offer special mounting options – directly on the wall or on the railing, so that the place is optimally used. When buying, also pay attention to the type of foot that the umbrella has. The normal foot is not recommended as an alternative to the balcony, because only one position of the screen offers. On the other hand, you can adjust your sunshade with kink mechanism according to the position of the sun.

The best option for high sun protection balcony and terrace

For the smallest balconies and terraces, the so-called half screens are suitable. They are attached to the wall and so you have enough space for a small table with chairs. In addition, this variant also offers a high level of sun protection.

Which shape of parasol for balcony should you choose, so that you can enjoy the optimal sun protection in summer?

Round, rectangular or octagonal – what does the right parasol look like? This question is not easy to answer. On the one hand, the round parasols are the real classic among all umbrellas and today are experiencing a comeback. They look beautiful next to a swimming pool and give a Mediterranean flair to your balcony. On the other hand, the rectangular and octagonal variants are very convenient because most sitting areas are rectangular. They are the ideal variant for high sun and rain protection for a lounge on the balcony and integrate perfectly into the overall picture.

The stand plays a major role in choosing a parasol for a balcony

The balcony is an outer area, so it is important to choose a screen with a fixed stand. Rain, gusts of wind and storms – the summer weather can be unforeseen. The sand-filled plastic stands fit as safe to the smaller umbrellas. If you need a larger screen, then sit on a stand made of stone or concrete. The downside is that all the stands take up the precious free space on the balcony. If you have limited space, use the alternatives that stick directly to the wall or balcony railing. The awnings are also a practical variant for smaller balconies. Take a look at our gallery of

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