A friend or relative is pregnant and soon organizes a Pamperstorte make yourself – a wonderful gift for baby shower!
Pamperstorte basteln vier Stockwerke rosa und schwarze Schleifen
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Pamperstorte basteln Geschenk Babyparty
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As mentioned earlier, making a patty cake is really easy, and it’s actually quite fun – try it for yourself! The diaper cake can look either traditional – on two or more floors, or more unusual. Because with the Pampers you can make many original shapes, such as animals – owl, snail, and even ship, car, locomotive or tractor. Examples of such remarkable diaper cakes can be found in the photos in this article. Such “complicated” shapes are not difficult to shape – they only take a little more time. When the pamper cake is ready, it can be decorated as you please – with ribbons, ribbons, flowers and other decorations or with useful things such as pacifiers, socks, stuffed animals, etc. Be creative and let your imagination run wild!

DIY Pamperstorte: necessary materials

Pamperstorte basteln Akzente in Gelb und Grau
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Pamperstorte basteln Eule Papier Dekobänder
Pamperstorte basteln und thematisch dekorieren
Pamperstorte basteln notwendige Materialien
First, we describe step by step how to make the classic Pamperstorte. If you want to create unusual shapes, you should follow the same basic principle. For our suggestion you need the following:
– one packaging baby diapers (with 36 pieces)
– 3 colorful pacifiers
– 6 towels in different colors
– an empty kitchen roll or a roll of toilet tissue
– plush toy of your choice
– 2 packaging rubber bands (size 3 and size 10)
– Dekoband
– Paper

Diaper cake make step by step

Pamperstorte basteln Grundlage Karton
Pamperstorte basteln Windeln einrollen
Pamperstorte basteln Schritt ür Schritt
Pamperstorte basteln Küchenrolle verwenden
Pamperstorte basteln drei Etagen Babyparty
Pamperstorte basteln Anleitung
Pamperstorte basteln Windeln fest zusammenbinden
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The first step is to place the kitchen roll or roll of toilet tissue on the table. Then open the package with baby diapers and start to roll them up and fasten each piece with rubber band. Now you should attach the diaper to the kitchen roll – but this time with a larger rubber band. Make two-three rows in this way – so the first floor is already finished! The second floor also consists of diapers, and the third – from rolled-up towels. These should also be arranged around the kitchen roll, and stabilized with rubber bands. If your first floor consists of three diaper rows, make the second of two, and the third – just one row. In this way, the cake will be nicely symmetrical. And how you can decorate them, see below!

Decorate pamper cake creatively

Pamperstorte basteln Plüschtier oben setzen
Pamperstorte basteln Plüschtier Schmetterlinge
Pamperstorte basteln Cupcakes
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Pamperstorte basteln rechteckig
Pamperstorte basteln Dekobänder Papierdeko
Pamperstorte basteln und dekorieren Schmetterlinge Schnuller
Pamperstorte basteln Mottorrad Mädchen
Pamperstorte basteln Schiff
Pamperstorte basteln Schnecke Mädchen
Pamperstorte basteln Schnecken Papier
Pamperstorte basteln Mottorad Junge
Pamperstorte basteln Lokomotive
The last step is to decorate the finished Pamperstorte. Decorate each floor with colorful ribbons and ribbons. The pacifiers can be inserted between the diapers. And you can cut and fold various figures out of paper – butterflies, flowers, etc. You can either find instructions from the net and download templates, or let your imagination run wild. Actually, it does not matter that everything looks perfect – more importantly, you do it with all your heart! Finally, put the stuffed animal you have chosen on the cake and you’re done!
We recommend that you also choose a specific theme for the Pamperstorte – depending on the sex of the child. Also choose a specific color scheme – traditionally blue stands for boys and pink for girls, but you can make the cake very colorful and cheerful. Suitable topics for boys are cars, animals like lions and tigers, for girls – butterflies, flowers, princesses. More inspirational ideas – for decoration and other complicated shapes that you can make with baby diapers, see the photos in the post. Have fun crafting!
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